Voice Acting and Zelda: The Perfect Match

Voice Acting is nothing new to the gaming industry. There are a lot of good examples of excellent voice acting, and many more examples of how it can single handily ruin the entire gaming experience. So, why should Nintendo even bother trying to insert it into the legendary Zelda franchise? It's hardly revolutionary, and it does have a chance of hurting whatever game it is used in. Plus, it's not like the text is bad, and it may make the game not feel like it's Zelda anymore. Again, why bother with it? Because it will take Zelda to the next level. Wait, how is that possible?

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qface643344d ago

make a zelda game with voices there's really no problem

but give link a voice and all i can say is ICK its too late for him to have a voice

Gr813344d ago

Voice acting is not what is going to bring Zelda to the next level. WM+ is.

There needs to be a distinction between movies and cinematics and games. I do not care about Voice Acting in games period, I'm more interested in the experience.

Prime 3 got it right, everyone BUT Samus speaks, because the idea is YOU are Samus. Making games cinematic does not make them more fun.

EvilTwin3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

Making a more cinematic experience gives games a more epic scope, though. I agree that Prime 3 got it right...and I hope they don't go overboard with Other M (I wouldn't mind Samus talking, but the point of being the lone badass is doing more talking with your actions).

But voice acting is already partly there in Zelda -- Midna made all sorts of noises in Twilight Princess. Just change them to spoken words and leave Link as the noble mute.

You're right that Motion+ will make or break the title. Zelda is Nintendo's biggest gun for the core audience (Mario games are special, but Zelda games are like comet sitings). Everything they've done so far is a dry run for the next LoZ. It'll be THE definitive Wii game (like TP was supposed to be the culmination of everything on the GC).

It's a tall order though -- people want voice acting, orchestrated music, Motion+ and a novel direction for the series.

Gr813344d ago

it does help to give a more epic scope, but my argument is just that, like you pointed out with your conern with Other M, is that is just the icing on the cake.

If Nintendo nails M+ along with the core gameplay, the other stuff will fall in place. I just think alot of people focus too much on things that have noreal impact on the core experience.

That being said, I am a sucker for immersion lol.

asdr3wsfas3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

The most fulfilling game I've ever played in terms of plot was Chrono Trigger for SNES. Chrono doesn't speak throughout the entire game (though he says 3 lines in one of the hidden endings which have nothing to do with the plot). What does more than anything for sucking people into this title is making choices in the game that end up changing bits and pieces of the world. This extends to choosing when to beat it in new game plus.