UK Retailers Expecting PS3 Slim This Year?

GhostStorm Writes: UK high street chain WHSmith are currently selling ps3 consoles at a reduced price of £200 on the high street. GhostStorm have since been in contact with WHSmith's customer relations department to investigate the reasons why. They have confirmed that it is a clearance exercise, and that they will no longer be selling the console in their high street stores. When we again contacted them to ask why they were abandoning the ps3 console in – store, they told us:

"We are clearing PS3s to make room for any new products that may come from Sony in the future."

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anh_duong3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

silly lazy journalist article.. whsmith are closing their INSTORE games and entertainment departments in A LOT of stores.. they were selling xbox arcade at 80 pounds, wii with wii fit for 180pounds and psp at 50 pounds.. this news is not only old but poorly researched..

not saying the ps3 price cut might not come but this was not the reason why whsmith were cutting the price of their console.

psp for 50 pounds:


xbox for 80 pounds:

whsmith leaving gaming business in a lot of major whsmith stores:

crillyconlig3338d ago

amazing your getting disagrees for stateing facts

Jim Crikey3338d ago

Did you actually read the full article on the site? NOTHING is said about the entire entertainment section closing down in ANY stores. WHSmith said that they will continue to sell ps3 software on the high street, but they are OFFICIALLY discontinuing the ps3 console in - store. They also stated that they have no plans to discontinue the Xbox 360 or Wii. Sloppy journalism must be punished; so must sloppy criticism.

RememberThe3573338d ago

"We are clearing PS3s to make room for any new products that may come from Sony in the future."

It's not really important that they are discounting current PS3's. It's important that they are exacting a new product.

Jim Crikey3337d ago

Ssoooo.....because you've been in a few WHSmith branches in London that no longer sell consoles, you see this as definitive proof that ALL WHSmith branches in the United Kingdom have cleared out their stocks of video game consoles? Despite an e mail from WHSmith themselves, sent this week, saying that the only console they are discontinuing is the ps3?

Oh dear. The epitome of stubborn.

Tell you what. You're unable to accept the truth through the sense of sight, so perhaps you'll accept it through the sense of touch? I'll repeat the news report here via the medium of braille:

..;;`"...::,,.:::,,,,;;; ''''.::::```..'';;,`;,::::::::: :::::;,,,,,..```````...:::::::: ::::::::..'`'`'`'.::::;;;....,, ;,;;;.;___```""" ..;;;,,:::;;;...;````__;''''''' '..,;;;.,::::::::.''______::;:: .,,,:::.``...""" ;;;;....,,,`.````';::'''_'..`;; :'......''.,"""& quot;..:;;....;::..;,...." ..``:;....::;```""&qu ot;"...;;....````.```````; ;....:''''`'`'`......:::`,,;;

Sorry for the spelling mistakes, I was in a rush.

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sack_boi3338d ago

An insider from Neogaf just confirmed a 100€ price drop for the PS3 in September (100% sure).
He also said he thinks (not 100% sure) the slim will lunch a few months after at 300€+

TheColbertinator3338d ago


Still I'm skeptical of anything that comes from Neogaf

sack_boi3338d ago

I don't know Colbert, that's where I get all my intel and they never disappoint. N4G is just for laughs.

saint_john_paul_ii3338d ago

Neogaf usually has authentic info. no doubt about that.

Ju3338d ago

That's perfectly reasonable, though. They need to wait until stock of current models is low, then lower the price an restock with new models ASAP that old stock runs out. A price drop might also fit in the reports, that Sony expects higher shipping numbers with suppliers reporting running short on parts. Which can only mean, Sony increased the orders.

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Anon19743338d ago

They knew how slow sales were going and the effect that the recession was having and still they predicted a 30% increase in PS3 sales this fiscal year. Those targets aren't made lightly. If they miss those targets they have to answer to the shareholders and have some serious explaining to do their board, so clearly Sony has something up it's sleeve, be it a price drop, PS3 slim or both.

The_Devil_Hunter3338d ago

Im just afraid its going to look like that. Thats a terrible PS3 slim design.

OnlyOnN4G3338d ago

I doubt anybody will care what it looks like as long as it plays GT5

Anon19743338d ago

The original Xbox was an ugly behemoth and it didn't matter to me. It was a good system that played good games. It really didn't matter to me what the console itself looked like. I don't think the PS3 slim pics I've seen look any better or worse than the PS3 itself.

peeps3338d ago

my ps3 got the ylod after 2 years 4 months today lol so if this is true then i'll pop down town 2moro and pick up another, screw paying £150 for a refurb if i can get a new console for £50 more

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