Forza 3 out in Europe before US

Microsoft has announced that Xbox 360 exclusive Forza Motorsport 3 will be released in Europe on 23rd October. The platform holder yesterday announced the US release date as 27th October.

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Pandemic3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Ouch... Seems Americans will have to wait an extra 20+ days.. O_O

3280d ago
coolirisGB3280d ago


What's up with the Forza 2 story pic? hmmm I wonder who will end up being the contributor.

militant073280d ago

why do people say more than 20 days? its only 4!

RockmanII73279d ago

It's because the first guy said 20 days (don't know why), and the second guy was to lazy to read the article and saw his post and was all WTF.

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The story is too old to be commented.