The 50 Most Demanded Sequels in Gaming

It seems strange to think that in a medium so dominated by sequels – where some series like Final Fantasy have numbers like XIV written after their names – that there are so many awesome gaming experiences out there that have never been given a second outing. So many beloved universes, characters and mythologies that gamers would flock to retailers to buy back into without a second thought are left to gather dust in the vaults of some mighty publisher. Possibly passed down through acquisition after acquisition to have unknown origins.

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Hobadoon3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

they got some clutch ones in here

somekindofmike3306d ago

exactly my thought!

Shenmue was the first game I thought of when I read the title! it's like that list of games was made for Shenmue, but then they forgot to put it on the list!

ABizzel13306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

Shenmue must be really good. I need to play it.

Hobadoon3306d ago

honestly, my original post was saying the same thing about Shenmue but then I edited out because I guess they were talking about sequels. The next one to come out would be Shenmue 3 (Which I agree, really needs to happen). Shenmue's amazing.

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coolfool3307d ago

on the PS2.

That was left wide open for a sequel. The game wasn't the best in the world but the combat was fun and varied as each realm gave the player a new set of moves and combat techniques. The story was quite interesting as well.

--joshua--3306d ago

Give me Freedom Fighters 2! I loved that game.

Lets-Game3306d ago

twisted metal and diablo is what i want.

ABizzel13306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

Twisted Metal may in fact be on the way in 2010. In April I went to Webster University, and there was a video game audio conference going on at the AES Student Summit. And A Sony rep was there along with 2 guys from Volition (Red Faction guys). And they talk about audio and everything (the best part to me, but I'll get to the juicy part for you guys.) And here's what happened.

The Sony rep from Sony's Foster City studio began playing samples of effects the built from the ground up, and sounds they recorded in the actual game, and with the effect itself. First they started with InFamous (which by the way wasn't out yet since it was April). Then they went to Red Faction (again which wasn't out yet). Finally they went to SOCOM Confrontation, and while he was scrolling down to go to the folder (he had tons of folders) he went too far and I saw a folder for Twisted Metal. Now unless he still has files for Twisted Metal from the PS2 or the PSP version TM Head On then these were sounds for a PS3 twisted metal (and the entire discussion was on PS3 and 360 development so I doubt it was PS2 or PSP).

But yeah I hope it does mean TM PS3. Oh and I really really really want a Destrega 2, Jade Empire 2, Warhawk 2 (not anytime soon 1 is still amazing), and come to think of it there are a lot of sequels I want.

drdre743306d ago

Heavenly Sword 2 is what I want. Also Bully 2 and Shenmue lol!

Aquarius3306d ago

Heavenly Sword 2?
...and how would that work?
Nariko is dead.

Cenobia3306d ago

First of all, spoiler alert....

Second, the sword could be passed to a new person, different time period, etc.

The story was basically centered around the sword anyway. Her clans lives were all dedicated to protecting it. It would be easy for someone else to pick it up. A series based around an object rather than a person is genius.

ABizzel13306d ago

Heavenly Sword does need a sequel. And it can be done with another character. Not all games need to rely on the same protagonist every time. They could let us play with the god who gave the Heavenly Sword to man that would be sick.

By the way look at my blog "Everyone wants to be Kratos" It has examples of what Heavenly Sword 2 should do to really set itself apart as one of the best action games this gen.

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