San Andreas on the RAGE Engine: Yes or No?

Rockstar Advanced Gaming Engine: that is what RAGE stands for. All you need to know though is that as middleware solutions go, Rockstar San Diego's RAGE game engine is up there with the very best of them. You would have first seen it in Rockstar Present's Table Tennis making cloth flap and balls spin. Then in GTA IV and Midnight Club: Los Angeles. Next up it'll star in Red Dead Redemption, the game that Rockstar has gone on record saying inspired them to build the engine in the first place.

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G3TDOWN3277d ago


San Andreas with new graphics, new engines but the same map

would u buy it ? I would !

I loved San Andreas

no_more_trolling3277d ago

no i wouldnt. that stupid. rockstr would think thats a stupid idea too. why waste a new gta experience just for a remake of a game u already played.

stupid idea

iBoReD3277d ago

I missed san andreas so i bought it last week for pc. the game is waayyyyy better than gta4. in san andreas u can do so much more and its way more fun. u can buy properties in san andreas which gta4 lacked,go to the gym, ride bikes, more weapons and better player customisation :(

stevenhiggster3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

I'd buy it! They should do Vice City too!
They could probably stick them both on one Blu-ray!

Microsoft Xbox 3603277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Have to agree with G3TDOWN on that. I'd rather play a graphically upgraded remake of San Andreas than that "new" POS GTA game you call GTA4 any day of the f'ng week. Outside of graphics, GTA4 was and is a downgrade to the GTA series. No BS here.

Poopface the 2nd3276d ago

but Id rather have a new GTA that had similar features. I really like upgrading your character and their skills and fighting for territories in san andreas.

If the next GTA had things like that instead of 4's stupid cell phone calls ever 5 min where your friends want to go bowling, then it will be great. I cant imagine how no one at R* realized how annoying and stupid taht was.

ring ring
friend: "hey nico once your done killing people and the cops lets go bowling."

NIco: "but I just went bowling 5 times"

friend: "I hate you"

DaTruth3276d ago

The game is much better if you say you'll go bowling, call them right back and cancel. They don't get mad and you go on with the game. I turned down Roman like 500 times and he was still cool; I never saw him for weeks.

Poopface the 2nd3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

forgot all the hanging out and give you little turf battles and some customization.

the first tme you go bowling and go on the date with that girl was OK cause it fits in with the story, but after that it became intrusive. Its not taht it happened, but it happened way too much.

they should make a game GTA for wii. It can be called GTA: Friendly games.

rockleex3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Vice City being next. It would be more likely for them to make Vice City before San Andreas.

It also makes sense when you compare it to the releases of the PS2 versions.

The other day, me and my friends spent 3 hours just talking about all the stuff we did in San Andreas and how GTA 4 took all those stuff away. Anyways, lets just hope the next GTA doesn't downgrade like 4 did.

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lloyd_wonder3277d ago

San Andreas is the best in the franchise. I remember cutting school and selling my used games to buy it for my PS2.

The good ol' days....

shocky163277d ago

But i'd prefer a new game set in the san andreas area, like GTAIV was to GTA 3

socomnick3277d ago

San Andreas was stupid give us Vice city. Leave that retarded ganster crap.

silvacrest3277d ago

retarded gangsta crap? GTFO, san andreas gave the fans the only complete GTA in terms of content the only thing it lacked was multiplayer (that wasnt a big issue at the time)

what exactly was vice city then? a retarded scarface rip off?

socomnick3277d ago

Yea but vice city had soul. 70s miami was hilarious and had personality. Early 90s LA we'll its just retarded with all the dumb gang crap. I wouldnt mind a San Adreas map in modern setting with a focus on something else besides gangs.

Hellsvacancy3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

It wasnt the characters or the story line it was the gameplay that made it a GOOD game thats wot GtaIv was lackin - THE FUN GAMEPLAY ELEMENTS

whoelse3277d ago

Well it was 80s Miami actually and both games were exceptional. They both have their own merits.

I hope Rockstar's next GTA is glorious HD 80s Vice City. Don't know what they would call the game though. GTA IV: Vice City?

silvacrest3277d ago

i get that you dont really care for the gangsta vibe of san andread but many including my self found it entertaining, funny and to this day still the best GTA there has been

i didnt really care for vice city setting, to close to scarface for my liking but for me to call it retarded just because i dont like the vibe is......retarded lol

pixelsword3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

SA was the Best in the series; besides, all organized crime are nothing but gangs, but bigger and better connected to even eviler people, is all.

cayal3277d ago

"I hope Rockstar's next GTA is glorious HD 80s Vice City."

I actually hope they do like a 1930s Chicago type GTA. Something like an Al Capone era.
I reckon that would be completely awesome.

As for San Andreas, I think it is by far and away the best GTA so far.

na2ru13276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

are those who are put off by the HipHop vibe in San Andreas and in general. They are probably avid fans of heavy metal and grunge. Nothing against grunge apart from them bashing HipHop culture through the internet.

San Andrea is clearly the better game if you just play and enjoy it. Vice City was great, but when most comments ignore and never credit San Andreas, it just makes me wonder why.

Socomnick gave me the answer loud and clear........"HEY MAAN. It's OG Loc, OOOG LOK!" I found it entertaining.

whoelse3276d ago

If Vice City was as large as San Andreas or even 2/3rds the size then it would be a better game than San Andreas. SA is so big that you can just play without any missions and go exploring or whatever.

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I thought the Rockstar Engine was called Euphoria and the id Software engine was called RAGE?

blu3print3277d ago

Euphoria is third party tech that they used to simulate the rag doll physics

ar3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

id Software's latest engine is called id Tech 5. The first game to use it is named Rage. And Euphoria is an animation engine, not a physics engine.

Pandamobile3276d ago

RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine) is the engine that R* made. Euphoria is a physics based animation engine created by Natural Motion (I think).

Euphoria is used for the procedural ragdoll effects like when you bump in to someone, they stumble around rather than have a predefined animation for them moving out of your way, or just flopping to the ground in typical ragdoll fashion, it's a mix of both which makes it look fairly realistic.

djreplay3277d ago

Euphoria was the physics used but created by some over company, RAGE they created from scratch

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