PSN Trine Will Not Make it in Time…

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Trine, the highly anticipated physics based, action/puzzle game from developer Frozenbyte has been available for the PC on Steam for a few weeks now. Trine has long been pegged for a July PSN release, but week after week, eagerly awaiting fans have been left in the cold. Frozenbyte, has given us a chilling update about the game's release on the PSN."

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DJ3217d ago

But I hope to god it was something fatal, and not just "Oh, i shouldn't have been able to walk through that blade of grass".

DoucheVader3217d ago

Trine looked cool at E3. Too bad.

Ninver3217d ago

cool i didn't have enough change to buy it this week anyway so good news for mwua.

vickers5003217d ago

This sucks! I've been waiting 2 whole weeks in anticipation for this game, and now there isn't even a release date :'(

Sev3217d ago

Would you rather have a buggy game that could possibly crash your PS3?

Be glad they caught the bug.

Syronicus3217d ago

Do not want a buggy game and am willing to wait it out to play a game that is not broken.

keysy4203217d ago

fat princess will be bigger than sony is expecting

Sev3217d ago

I don't know about that. I think Sony knows just how huge it's going to be. Which is why it was delayed so many times.

I mean they even have celebs on board, fattening them up to promote the game. If Hollywood is involved already with the hype of the game. Then it's sure to be a big deal.

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The story is too old to be commented.