The Top 10 First and Second Party Studios: Microsoft

Koku Gamer writes: "Welcome back to another Top Ten presented by In the last Top Ten we talked about Nintendo's First and Second Party developers. Now its Microsoft's turn. In the short years that Microsoft Game Studios has been in the industry, it has gotten itself a handful of popular and loved franchises. Of course this segment isn't about the games. Its about the developers who make these games. Which studios made it in and which one got the title of Microsoft's Number 1 First or Second Party developer?"

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Fullish3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Yea, most of MS great studios either get shut down or go independent.

Ziriux3310d ago

Yea, developers FASA, I believe which were behind such games as MechAssault and Shadow Run, oh yea, than you have Esamble. Yea MS is known for closing down the best.

A HiFi3310d ago

It's leave why that could be to the Open Zone. I guess their answer would be that it's in their long-term strategy to shut down or release studios every few years.

solideagle13310d ago

and it will be hard to do top 10 in Sony u can do it like top ten only 1st party and then top 10 second party makes it top 20.

let see.


phosphor1123310d ago

They are 3rd, thats why they have had a release on the PS3, and has recently released content for it (UT3 / Titan Pack).

beardpapa3310d ago

Sigh, I miss those MechAssault games. That, Kotor, Halo 1 & 2, and NG made the xbox such a memorable console for me.

1ikedamaster3309d ago

Let it go man, let it go. Epic has an exclusive contract with Microsoft(Publisher of Gears) therefore 2nd party. LOL. Why the need to establish your opinion as fact? lol. Fanboy much?

on topic/
No disagrees here, good list.

Cenobia3309d ago

How is he a fanboy if what he says is true. Epic had a contract with MS for 2 games. How does that make them second party? They were developing games for other platforms while they were under the contract for those two games.

I assume the contract has also already expired, since they've released that second game. They made great exclusives for the 360, but they aren't a second party developer.

Stop throwing the word fanboy at random people. If he was wrong you could have just corrected him, but he wasn't.

Mu5afir3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Let's not forget, pending the PUBLISHER deal. Bungie will no longer be first / second party. And half of the other studios have either not made a game this generation, or are closed. Oh, and RARE MADE A GAME FOR THE DS. VIVA PINATA: POCKET PARADISE / JULY 08 SO IT CAN'T BE CONSIDERED A FIRST / SECOND PARTY EITHER.

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lloyd_wonder3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

What a sad list. Half of them are either vaporware or have left M$.

Ziriux3310d ago

I don't think you read the title of the article smart guy. First and Third Party. Last time I checked Mach Warrior and Shadow Run were both great games and loved by many gamers. Don't hate the best. hehe

A HiFi3310d ago

It's true though. MS are chasing 'em away and constantly moving them about. I'm surprised Ensemble lasted so long. I miss 'em already...

Mo0eY3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Ziriux, I don't think YOU read the list: first and SECOND party studios.

Edit: Apparently, another moron that disagreed with me cannot read either.

Microsoft Xbox 3603310d ago

That's one disappointing top 10 list of studios.

really duh3310d ago

Nasim doesn't need a reason.

A HiFi3309d ago

I dunno...I can't see why it's disappointing. Maybe depressing given the state of some of those studios...

A HiFi3310d ago

Good list. Ensemble should be way higher, but nonetheless...they're all mostly there. =)

soljah3310d ago

let me get this straight. are they saying that the number 1 studio on the list is no longer with Microsoft. they are now a totally independent developer looking for their own publisher deals? what a joke.