Wizardry set for the PS3 later this year

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

The long running(or crawling, dare I say?) Wizardry franchise will be making the leap to the next generation later this year. Though it has yet to be officially announced, the Japanese Yahoo! Games page was updated recently to include a new Wizardry title due this September, roughly subtitled Labyrinth of the Soul. No actual gameplay details are known at the moment, though the game is scheduled for a PSN release, published by Acquire.

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gauntletpython3341d ago

Probably will end up a Japanese only release... We haven't seen an American Wizardry game in 7 years, while Japan has gotten like 10 new ones in that time across various platforms.

pointzeroeight3341d ago

Actually, we just got one recently on the PSP under the title Class of Heroes, which is a port of the Japanese PS2 release 'Wizardry Xth Academy of Frontier'. I'm really hoping we do end up getting this PSN release, but that is rather unlikely.

gauntletpython3341d ago

didn't know class of heroes was a wizardry game 0_o thanks!

Ninjamonkey3341d ago

ven i it ends up a japan only release its not the end of the world. just set up a japanese PSN account.

gaffyh3341d ago

Might actually get Class of Heroes now to see what it's like.

TheTwelve3341d ago

Yeah, I played the one from 7 years ago and really enjoyed it.


Chris3993341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Seems right up their alley lately.

Overall, we've been pretty lucky this gen with the Japanese to North American localizations - Cross Edge, Spectral Force, Demon's Souls, I don't see why this one couldn't make it to the West.

Edit: Forgot about Battle Fantasia and Record of the Agarest War (tentacle touching SRPG) coming Stateside as well. If Agarest is making the trip across the seas, pretty much anything can at this point :)

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ud3341d ago

Wizardry titles have always been great dungeon crawlers.

Funny anecdote : I remember playing Wizardry on the NES with a friend and we were trying to create the best party at the beginning of the game. When you create a character, the screen after you type his name you get random points allocated and in this game. Usually you get around 10-12, but sometimes you could get up to like 25.

Also, we were reading a strategy guide and it said that there was no known way to start with the class Lord who needed an exaggerated amount of points. So my friend gets tired of always re-creating characters and getting sh*tty points and types his character's name : Dance%$

But in french, percent is pronounced poursan which means "For a hundred" so it's like Dance for a hundred dollars and he gets 60 points LOL! we laughed so hard.

Thought I should share :p

BadKarmaSutra963341d ago

I haven't played a Wizardry game since Revenge of Werdna. I think that was Wiz 4 if I remember. Those were sweet games back in the Apple //e days. *sigh* *daydreams*...

Grandreaper99993340d ago

I got my copy of the ps2 Wizardry game right here. That damn graveyard!.... and its damn holes!.. grrrr. hahaha. Great game.