Nintendo Now: The Conduit Review

From Nintendo Now:

Listen up Wii owners. For those of you wanting a game to satiate your pure Lonsdaleite cores, it's very simple - go buy this game right now. If you reside somewhere near Corundum on the Mohs Hardness scale or less, keep reading.

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Blaze9293276d ago

Never thought I'd need to grab a dictionary to understand a description! sheesh haha

Gr813276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Worry too much about the sales of this game. I wouldn't pay attention to the gaming media regarding this game. Its already nearing 200k in less than 2 months, not to mention it was released during the Summer and is a new IP. It will do fine, and word of mouth will definintely give it legs.

LoL, yeah shotgun is my favorite weapon too. Give me Near/Far weapon set up and I'm good. I like the drudge rifle too. What is really satisfying for me though is with the human sniper rifle, pulling off one shot kills with that thing to some unsuspecting chump lol.

Edit: Crap, I meant to respond to EvilTwin.

EvilTwin3276d ago

92 would be the highest score yet for this game, wouldn't it? A little high, IMO.

But this is probably the best review for the game -- the author actually spends a good chunk of time talking about the multiplayer, and gives due props to the tweak-able control scheme. The single player really IS just basic training for going online (and getting killed by one headshot because of the precise IR aiming).

Gr813276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

It is a bit high, in my opinion. I'd stay in the high 8's realm myself. But I can actually understand the reviewer and he is spot on. My cousin tried Conduit at my house two days ago, he heard nothing about the game at all, yesterday he told me he bought it, he loved the game.

Haters be damned, the game is very good and is just the tip of the iceberg. Nailing one shot kills with the shotgun is worth the price of admission lol.

EvilTwin3276d ago

I actually hated the shotgun at first. Mainly because I was getting shot in the head when I'd come around corners. But now that I've gotten used to it, it's my favorite weapon.

Give me the spas and the Drudge strike rifle, and I'm a happy guy.

I really hope for Conduit to have some legs, but everyone's sales are down right now. HVS picked a bad time to release the game. : (

JasonXE3276d ago

definitely one of the highest scores i seen for this game