Gearbox CEO "terrified" of Borderlands release

TVGB: "Releasing something fresh and new is always risky, but especially so during the lead up to the holiday season which is when established brands tend to take up a lot of consumer attention. Add to that an economy that's not in the best shape and anything new and unproven has a few reasons to worry. Gearbox's CEO Randy Pitchford takes that a step further and admits he is "totally terrified" over the upcoming late-October release of their cel-shaded beauty Borderlands."

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xztence3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

of Modern Warfare 2 I assume... but this is a good move.
devs should stop chickening out and have some more faith in their games.
Take Sony's first party for instance, almost no delays whatsoever even though there might be low sales, but you gotta admire the faith they have in making a quality product which doesnt need delaying.

Uncharted 2, Ratchet, Eyepet, Mag.

All 2009.

FamilyGuy3304d ago

He should be, this fall-->year end looks phenomenal and the games are definitely going to be cannibalizing each other. In this economy it's a pretty dangerous move for a knew IP but there's plenty of anticipation behind this game and it's multi so they shouldn't do too bad on trying to make a worthwhile profit.

Syronicus3304d ago

I was thoroughly convinced that I must own the game. It looks phenomenal and I look forward to greatly.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3304d ago

They shouldn't be to worried about Modern Warfare 2, gamers don't need to sell a kidney to the black market to play Borderlands. In this time during a global rescission gamers just might find a new home in Borderlands and more budget friendly games.

LumpsRGood3305d ago

I understand that they may be scared to go up against the major players during the holiday season, but if it's good enough there shouldn't be that much of a worry. Sure MW2 is going to sell, but there are actually people who will be looking for something else. *gasp!*

At least you gotta appreciate his honesty.

JBaby3433305d ago

But if your game is good, you'll be alright.

Mo0eY3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Not true - Okami, Ico, Killer 7, Eternal Darkness, and Psychonauts all come to mind.

Another recent that comes to mind is Madworld. It received decent ratings (7-8s), and it sold like 30,000 in its first week. That's horrendous.

Captain Tuttle3304d ago

Being a shooter gives this game some positive momentum right out of the gate though, at least in the US. This could be the sleeper hit of the year (although once MW2 comes out it'll get crushed).

kaveti66163305d ago

The only reason they should be terrified is if their game sucks. If it's a great game and scores 90 or above on metacritic, I will surely try and get it before Modern Warfare 2 or any of those superhyped games. But if the game sucks, then yeah, be worried friendo.

Syronicus3304d ago

The game does not have to suck for him to be worried. Look at games like ICO and MadWorld. Both are good, even great games but both sold horribly. Both received good scores from Meta and yet both sold horribly. The reason this guy is afraid is because new IP's tend to get lost in the shuffle despite being good or bad. With this being a new IP and coming out at a time when a few other well known titles are hitting store shelves, there is a good reason for him to be afraid and it may not be about the quality of his game at all.

kaveti66163304d ago

Madworld - Nintendo Wii = who the hell makes a mature game on a console designed to attract the casual audience.

ICO - Playstation 2 = Sony's install base is so large that niche games will never sell well on it, and Sony doesn't advertise their games very well.

Borderlands - a multiplat game which has seen a decent amount of coverage and purports to offer a large amount of variety and co-op RPG play. The only way this game won't sell well is if A.) from this point on it won't be advertised at all and never marketed or B.) It's going to suck.

ZombieAutopsy3305d ago

Since i havent played the game i cant really judge it but this holiday im already gonna be buying at least 4 or 5 shooters (some a little older Kz2, R2)so i doubt id go but the game, ill prolly give it a rent to see what its all about but i know i wont be able to afford it with the rest of the games im buying. I can see how he would be terrified though Mw2 is prolly gonna be what most people that can only afford to spend money on a game every few months are going to buy. Then you have Halo:ODST coming out proly around a month before so their goes 75% of your X360 people that will be too occupied with that game to play anything else. I will admit though i like the fact that this holiday has many good games coming out for both consoles(no i dont consider the Wii a console) now if only i could afford them all.

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