Yahoo Gives In to Microsoft, Gives Up on Search

Business Week writes:

"Ever since Microsoft made its $45 billion bid for Yahoo in early 2008, it was clear the software giant was serious about taking on arch-rival Google in the lucrative Internet search business. And now, after more than a year of more limited talks after Yahoo denied that bid, it seems Microsoft has achieved its goal. If reports of an impending deal between the companies prove true, Microsoft will emerge as the clear No. 2 player in search."

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qface643343d ago

emerge as the number 2 player in search .__.

they are just buying their way to the top again
i dunno about the rest of you but im not really a big fan of msn search

so if microsoft gets yahoo will it stay yahoo or be absorbed by msn?

PirateThom3343d ago

I'm guessing, and would like to think, it will stay branded as "Yahoo", but will become part of MSN so your Windows Live account will work on it.

JL3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

I'm with you qface, I don't like MS's insistence upon buying up all they can in certain realms. And I'm not really sure I like this 'project' Microsoft is on right now. This news, coupled with their pushing Bing, add in the whole news a while back about them seeking to gain control over TV ads and tap into "targeted TV ads". Seriously, this could get ugly if Microsoft fully realizes the plan that they seemingly are out to accomplish: complete control over ads. I'm sure I'm going to be flamed for this because I'm speaking bad about these tactics and MS (especially since I make no effort to hide the fact that I do not like Microsoft for their past practices and work), but I'd be saying this if Sony was out trying to gain complete control over ads as well. Or any other company for that matter. We do NOT need one corporation having such a controlling interest in ads. Especially in the hands of a company who has a history or trying to drive out all competition, this can't bode well for consumers. Hell, even read the second page of this article here and it shows the potential 'danger' or this deal, with them even saying that the antitrust officials would have to ok the deal.

JokesOnYou3343d ago

and there's no boogey-man under your bed either.


JL3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

You keep thinking that JOY. We're not talking about the bogeyman here. We're talking about monopolies here or oligopolies. It's clear that MS has a plan here, a plan to take over a huge chunk of the advertising market. In other words to control what ads people see. That's a problem. It's all the same as how people complain about the media outlet really being controlled by just a few corporations. Thus, the news here in the states is biased because it's ran by these people by their agenda, because they own so much of it. Just look at the big four networks (abc, nbc, cbs, fox). Need other examples: try the Big Four in the music industry (universal, sony, warner and emi), or the big 6 movie studios (time warner, news corp, disney, viacom, ge/vivendi, and sony). Can look at the almost strangehold Clear Channel holds on radio broadcast as well. And at the end of that's really just a handful of corporations/conglomerates that run it all because you have stuff like disney owning abc, ge/vivendi owning nbc and universal, etc.

Ok, sorry got a lil off on a rant there. Point being though, you can see what happens when one company (or at least only a handful) start running media. And to brush it off as just some bogeyman story is completely ignorant and naive, as clearly it happens and it's detrimental to us. Microsoft is clearly on a gameplan to go that route here with advertising. Can you imagine the power that having a huge control over advertising would give a company, especially in a consumer-driven society where a few big corporations run everything. Microsoft will build up its advertising business up and begin to manipulate and control, using their newfound power to push out competition on whatever they choose. And given MS underhanded tactics from past, they'll no doubt be looking to use this power to eliminate competition. God help us all if they end up getting up there and forming some kind of partnership with GE or something.

Plain and simple: the bogeyman DOES exist. And Microsoft with some kind of Big Brother power and huge market share in such an influential market like this could be a problem down the road. Like I said before, this obviously sets off some red flags (if you'll read the article) because they even have to get the antitrust officials in on this to ok it. So there has to be some sort of concern here if they're getting involved. The only thing is right now, since Google, is present, they will get approved by these antitrust officials. But that's thinking short-sighted. This will give MS that foot in the door they really need to start that advertising takeover they've been working on and to increase that marketshare. They have already made mention of trying to run google off (obviously to take control of all search advertising and such). And forget the "god help us" I mentioned earlier, cause I just remembered they have that deal set up now where they have a lil partnership going to start tapping into set top boxes to control ads and collect data. And just so happens that lil partnership also includes CBS (which is part of National Amusements--one of those three or 4 controlling conglomerates from before as they also own viacom along with CBS), and AOL is in there as well, who, at the moment, is run by Time Warner, though they're about to get out from under that.

So there's your bogeyman. He may not be under your bed, but you best believe he's on your tv, controlling your media, etc. And now it appears MS is trying to get in there too, in cahoots with some of those bogeymen, to become one of their own by controlling the ads we see from the internet to the tv. Can you just imagine what Microsoft will be able to control once they get ahold of that kind of data and are able to control advertising like that? So much for competition.

Carl14123343d ago

Yup, i'm with you too qface.

Microsoft won't really be second. It's just they they bought the company that is in second. If you have to do that to get into second then frankly, give up.

I don't know anyone that uses Yahoo! anyway. "Google" it is a properly recognied verb too, which "Yahoo!" it certainly isn't.

uie4rhig3343d ago

however, i agree with Microsoft as well.. i mean, at the end of the day, business is business and, whether you like it or not, business is about one thing, and one thing only, money! and what better way to get more money in than being the top dog in multiple areas? they are already that top dog in software, and in operating systems.. and god knows whatever else, so why not try to get on top with other products as well? whether that means buying your way to the top, or fighting your way to the top, as long as you are on top.
say all you want but even the most loved companies do that, including Google.

also, MSN search is dead, Bing is apparently the way to go (after Google that is)

SevWolf3343d ago

Im with you qface, I dont like M$'s plans, again I didnt day I hate them, it's just....they're the Real Madrid of gaming, they buy there way to the top with a lot of thing, and Im more of a Barcelona fan :D, but thats not the point.

Arthur_3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Build me a bridge....and Get the F*CK over it.

MS is not the devil. Jesus christ, the only way this article could possibly generate more hits, is if Sony had a search engine of their own.

JokesOnYou3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

No I'm far from naive but I also understand business and yes every company is after money first and foremost and MOST of them use dirty underhanded tricks to lure consumers or benefit in the long run.

It's funny you focus your attention on micro joining with Yahoo and all the evil threat it poses to the world yet you make no mention of Google's current dominance and so if anything this Yahoo/micro deal would only help even the playing field, but essentially Google's dominance hasn't led to any "evil" attempts to sway the public= NO, all its done is made them a ton of money from advertisement sources= the only control the assert is over whether or not the ads are appropriate, I don't see why micro would want to do anything different which is exactly what the article is talking about, its easy to bluff and mouth off about some underlying evil plot by a huge company like micro especially in this economic climate but really if you look at whats going on this is just about INCREASING ADVERTISING REVENUE:

"The combined search market share of Yahoo and Microsoft would approach 30%. That's still far below Google's 65%, but analysts say it may provide enough of a critical mass at least to stave off further Google advances and help the enlarged search engine gain some ground."

Just look at how you try to portray anti-trust involvement as a "OMG theres something evil going on here Watchdog" just because micro's involved, when really anti-trust approval is standard proceedure in a market where they are few players and any merger considered a large deal has to be examined for consistency/accurate transactions etc.

"The arrangement will also have to get a nod from antitrust officials. It probably will, given both companies' relatively small market share next to Google's, and advertisers generally are likely to be in favor of the deal since it bolsters a competitor to the market leader."

So if you were just truly against a few firms controlling one market, (which we all SHOULD BE) then you really should have said you are rooting FOR micro AND other potential companies to enter/grow and compete with Google, ideally 4 or 5 large search engines would be plenty for the public and of course if they all had around equal market share the competition is good for consumers= because the companies would look to offer more consumer friendly apps and deals in their adds, not just the ones who pay for more space/time. Now you may continue scaring the children with boogey-man stories. lol


GiantEnemyCrab3342d ago

Yup %100 true JOY it's business.

I think the usual MS haters here need to go vent their monopoly frustration at Google because right now they have a monopoly on the search business.

SaberEdge3342d ago

Just as it is in the videogame market, competition is good for everyone. Google has a near monopoly right now on search engines, so I think having more big players in the market is only a good thing.

Raz3342d ago

I agree that this is business. But that's exactly what the Mob says when they contract out a hit on someone.

'Just' business? There's no 'just' about it. Business practices that turn a free citizen into a mining resource are dangerous in the extreme.

And one day in the not-too-distant future, you may find that out the hard way; when there's a two-way TV in every home that you aren't allowed to turn off - when interactive ads blot out the landscape, and you struggle like a slave to make ends meet because you're being constantly bled for every dime the mega-corps can get from you; and speaking against them results in incarceration...or worse.

But no - don't worry. Just let yourself be lulled to sleep by the comforting drone of your favorite shows.

DaKid3342d ago

I laughed so hard... is that for real or are you joking? I think I read that plot in a book once.

Anyways Microsoft really didn't buy Yahoo, they joined forces. Microsoft will supply the search Tech, while Yahoo does the advertising. And I believe Yahoo gets like 88% of the revenue... At least that what I thought I heard on the news today.

edgeofblade3342d ago

It might be MSN Yahoo.

You know, Microsoft has every right to use their money however they want to... but if they don't build the competencies to compete with Google, they will end up getting a temporary boost and then stalling again.

Again, Microsoft...their money... their loss.

indysurfn3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

I have to say as a developer I love MSN I also love google, and yahoo. But I can't live without having MSN, and one of these two (google or yahoo). The reason is search results. As a searcher if I ask you to return +"red car for sale" on msn I will get pages like this:

1a, We have a red car for sale.

But I will not get this:

1b, We have a car for sale in every color, except red.

Now if I put "red car" in double quotes the reason i did that is so I will only get pages that have that. With yahoo and google I will get both. THAT SUCKS because that means I have millions of pages to go through that I wanted to be excluded!!! This in fact is a way to hide pages from a person. There is NO way you can go through thousands of pages! I love MSN for that reason. The reason I love the other two is because every once in a while you are glad you where shown some of the extra pages. If you know what your doing you should be able to ask for specific pages without the search engine overbidding what you asked for.

dcbronco3342d ago

Microsoft does things I don't like. They also do a lot that I do like. For me Bing is far better than Google for the reasons indysurfn mentioned. I don't have the patience for looking through a bunch of pages I didn't ask for. If someone offers something better, I'll use it. The funny thing about most of the bitc---- in this row of comments is that most of these same people probably don't complain when other companies do the same thing. EA suck a-- but I don't remember as much complaining when they bought Bioware and Pandemic. Never hear any complaining about all of the third party studios Sony bought. Microsoft is not very different from most companies. They are better than most in in a lot of ways. Be consistent and complain about a problem, not a company.

antoinetm3342d ago


(*) Mandatory disclosure : owner of google shares.

The Lazy One3342d ago

People actually think microsoft is close to a monopoly in search?

Microsoft could buy every search engine except google and still only have a third of the marketshare.

Greywulf3342d ago

"Years ago in the pre-Internet era, AOL was the talk of the town, so Microsoft had to copy it with MSN. No money was made; no strategic advantage was gained.

Netscape was the rage for a while, so Microsoft threw together a browser and got in that business. The browser was given away for free. No money was made; the strategy got the company in trouble with government trustbusters.

During the early days of the Internet, new online publications appeared. Microsoft decided to become a publisher too, rolling out a slew of online properties including a computer magazine and a women's magazine. They were all folded.

Computer books became popular; Microsoft began Microsoft Press. After an early splash and success, the company soon lost interest and the division now languishes.

Teddy Ruxpin became a hot toy. Microsoft rolled out a couple of robotic plush toys, including the creepy Barney the Dinosaur who sang "I love you and you love me." The company soon lost interest and dropped the whole thing.

AOL-TV appeared, along with other device-centric TV-delivery mechanisms in the 1990s. Microsoft created a Microsoft-TV division as well as a device. It soon lost interest.

Adobe Photoshop became a huge success, so Microsoft hired Alvy Ray Smith to develop photo-editing software. Smith quit when the company lost interest in the idea.

Yahoo and Google showed that a search engine could be a money maker, so Microsoft copied that idea; it now has Bing.

Cloud applications are currently trendy, along with notions about software as a service. Microsoft decides to go into that business.

The Apple rolled out a MP3 player, the iPod. Microsoft came up with its own MP3 player, the Zune. The company also says it wants to stream music.

This is a company that began making development tools for programmers, beginning with a programming language. Does anyone see a pattern here?"

Now we can add that not only did their failed search engine MSN not do anything, now we can add the cost of yahoo, and its continued failure to not do anything relevant besides lose money and have no focus at all.

M$ is a kid with a checkbook that consistently makes bad decisions. This is hilarious, and im sure Jolly was there for each failure pretending each one was better than the originator.


The Lazy One3342d ago

are you daft? Microsoft isn't buying any of yahoo's technology. They're pretty much paying yahoo to put bing on their website instead of yahoo just using yahoo search, and paying yahoo to share their ad research with them.

dcbronco3342d ago

They know MS is nowhere near a monopoly in search. Getting this deal approved is just an acknowledgment of the old days when MS didn't have lobbyist to pay-off, uh hum, sorry, "donate" to campaigns of government officials. MS spends hundreds of thousands on contributions now and never has problems from the government anymore. They just didn't understand how the game worked in the past.

Thugbot1873342d ago

@x__JL__X Bubbles I like your point.

dragunrising3342d ago

Google has 60% of search...who has the monopoly?

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JOLLY13343d ago

I really like Bing. I get the same search result as google, I get an informative homepage picture and I get better control over my searches

A HiFi3343d ago

I find Bing to be terrible...

JOLLY13343d ago

And what are your issues with it? I am sure you have done extensive test on it.

Kakkoii3343d ago

Bing's search results are pretty good. But what makes Bing awesome is it's porn searching abilities. Especially it's video search ones, allowing you to hover over and preview the porn clips :P.

Carl14123343d ago

Bing is just basically the same as google. I found no differences at all.

And it has a stupid name

uie4rhig3343d ago

bing aint bad actually, still not on par with google if you ask me, but pretty damn close.. and as Carl1412 said it does have a stupid name lol.. reminds me of the friends episode where chandler doesn't want to marry monica coz of his surname lol .. Mr. Bingggggggg lol

Hockey113343d ago

Google still loads faster but bing is ok.

Willio3343d ago

MS figured out "Googling and Google it" are catchy terms that stuck with the public to the Google search engine. That is practically the only reason why MS named their search engine "Bing" so the public can easily remember it. MS hopes people will start making easy references as in "just/go bing" it.

GiantEnemyCrab3342d ago

Yup Bing kicks ass. We've switched from Google to Bing across all our offices around the USA.

SaberEdge3342d ago

I really like Bing. It does lots of cool little things that Google doesn't.

indysurfn3342d ago

When a person is calling Bing a stupid name (compared to yahoo! and Google) you know it is a irrational fantoy speaking.

antoinetm3342d ago

Yes but there is an invisible rule. To be successful a search company must have 2 'O' and 2 'G' in its name. That's all.

Major_Tom3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Ya bing is honest crap compared to Google. Even with the porn future you can download that add on for Firefox. Previewing thumbnails and clips.

Anyway have fun 'thinking' Bing is better especially you and Crabby lolz.

Microsoft fanboy till death eh? Jesus.

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Stryfeno23343d ago

Bing on mobile is teh best.

RollingOnNubz3343d ago

It definitely has a superior porn searching ability. Especially with the videos.

user39158003343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Get with the program, MS its where its at and if you want the first stake at the loosing branch, then look not farther than PS3.

JBaby3433343d ago

But they just seem to be a monster. It's a shame money makes this world go round.

Halo3 MLG Pro3343d ago

Does anybody still use Yahoo?

Carl14123343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

No it's rubbish.

Pillville3342d ago

I hadn't in a long time, but just starting using Yahoo! mail again.
I've had my Yahoo! mail account since about 1996, easily my longest running account, I'll be p*ssed if MS messes with it!

DevastationEve3342d ago

Yahoo email was my first email account, back in 1999. I still have it, and yes I still use Yahoo. Their new page format is pretty cool too, and they never seemed like they fell behind (though you can see the visual cues that linger around from it being part of the old web). I've actually never had issues with Yahoo over the years.

I use MSN too since it has the best format imho...hell, because my laptop was from HP the home page page on IE was set to AOL and I sorta got used to it for a while o_O

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