GameTrailers: The King of Fighters XII Review

The King of Fighters series has cred to spare, but it's been a long time since the glory days of '98.

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Transporter473343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

i bought the game and i think it is awesome :) i mean the gameplay is all that matters to me mostly and this game has it hands down, also the graphics are good, the game is just straight out fighting what more do you want i mean SFIV has a story but it sucks and i rather have no story then crap story just like SFIV had.

GameGambits3343d ago

You're right it deserves less of a score than it got. Gametrailers was being generous.

The online is laggy. So laggy it stops mid fights sometimes to resync the fight. No excuse for that. There's only 1 offline mode to occupy time with and it honestly isn't that interesting after you do it once or twice.

Only what 6 maps or is it 5? 4 character colors per character. Balance issues amongst characters that are easily noteable. Collision detection issues.(I've had Andy Bogards flying kick super move hurt me when we were back to back and his feet are facing the opposite way of me as I!)

You can't even cancel out a selection so if you accidently hit a button for a character too bad you are boinked. You can't spectate UNTIL a match is over in rooms you join into. There's a keyboard chat function, yet most people don't know that since it isn't on the main lobby room screen which makes it pointless.

Compared to SF4, Blazblue, or any old KoF games this is easily a horrible 60 dollar investment. Wait for the servers to get fixed or the price to drop, because as it stands it's a very shallow experience. It doesn't make sense that they spend so much time drawing these models and yet Blazblue still looks like a much better and cleaner 2D fighting game by a long shot. This isn't up for "matter of taste," because it's clearly blatant which game has better effects and smoother models. I mean the fire effects and something like Athenas purple pixie dust are horrible looking.

I'd rather buy 14 copies of Damnation and Legendary than recommend this game to anyone.

Transporter473343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

I haven't played online and i was playing 3v3 against my brother and cousin, and hell we all had a lot of fun, the graphics i think it looks good but then again not everybody likes how it looks, but i think if your a king of fighters fan like i am you will like it, but it is not for everybody, i do like this better then SFIV and i haven't played Blazeblue so i can't put an opinion on that one.

About buying the 14 copies of Damnation and Legendary have you played those??? I have played Damnation and omg... worst piece of crap i have ever played hands down lol. Dont know about Legendary but it looks horrible from the gameplay i seen. I rather buy KoFXII over and over then those any day lol but why do taht when i can buy 14 other games xD