GTA IV: Secret Woman Revealed -Elizabeta

GTA IV: Secret Woman Revealed -Elizabeta reveals that this month's issue of Official PlayStation Magazine - UK shows a new GTA IV character on the cover. The sexy & sultry woman is called Elizabeta who doesn't appear until later in the game.

Key Points from the article

* The star of the game is Liberty City itself, no-one has attempted to recreate an actual location of this size, and this much detail

* The new Liberty City spans 5 boroughs based on real locations and features real life land marks such the Empire State Building.

* Work began on GTA IV in November 2004- As soon as San Andreas was released

*The game has been developed by Rockstar teams in Edinburgh, San Diego, and New York.

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risk4246d ago

we pretty much knew all this stuff already...

id dot entity4246d ago

Indeed, nothing new. But still a nice read though.