Catwoman, Two-Face to appear in Arkham Asylum?

Koku Gamer writes: 'Certain conditions may have been met to explain the appearance of Catwoman and others in Arkham Asylum.'

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Ziriux3221d ago

Mmmm Catwoman, this is a nice sexy addition, we'll see how she plays out.

A HiFi3221d ago

Well...signs would point to Catwomen being included, but she's not officially. There have been claims from the developer that she isn't in it, but surely this was cleverly done with the intention of including her and making sense in regards to the canon.

A HiFi3221d ago

Indeed...wonder what version of Catwoman they would use. Sometimes she looks great and sometimes she doesn't...

Lucreto3221d ago

Where is the Penguin? He is my second favourite villan.

A HiFi3221d ago

David Sobolov (Lt. Vasquez, CoD4) will play Penguin in the game. =)