Kotick's PS3 Comments Underscore Broken Business Model, says DFC

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick sent waves through the industry when a month ago he publicly stated that he might have to consider ceasing support for Sony's PS3 if sales don't pick up for the hardware. He added that Activision also gets a better return on investment on Wii and 360. Sony chief executive Sir Howard Stringer was quick to shoot down talk of a price cut and he responded by saying that Kotick "likes to make a lot of noise." Even BioWare got in on the act, with Greg Zeschuk calling Kotick's PS3 comments "silly."

What does it all mean? According to the folks at DFC Intelligence, Kotick's statement of "concern" for the PS3 business points to how the console model in this industry is broken. Commenting on the news as part of his regular DFC Dossier, DFC Intelligence's David Cole stated, "When looking at the overall picture, Kotick's statement seems less a threat than a tactic to start an argument inside Sony as to why the price of the PS3 needs to be lowered. In the bigger picture scheme of things it indicates how the traditional console model is broken.

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Fakes3281d ago

I like kotich,anyone got a problem with that.

Admiral_Benson3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

lol. Please tell me you're being sarcastic?

You actually like the man that's responsible for hiking the prices of one of the most hotly anticipated games of the year in order to cash in as much as possible on the fans that will pay any cost to get their next COD:MW fix? (whilst at the same time telling another major corporation they should lower their own prices!)

The man's a money grabbing hypocrite with a big mouth and small morals, what exactly is there to like?

If MW2 sells well (come on, we all know it will) at the higher price point do you not think other publishers might follow suit?

Will you still be saying you like the guy when you could be paying 10 £/$'s extra for your games in the next few months because of him....?

Double Toasted3280d ago

You described the launch of the PS3...

Admiral_Benson3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Aside from the fact that majority of your comments on this site have an underlying tone of xbox fanboyism about them, do you care to explain how this article or my comment have any relation to the launch of the PS3? Your comment makes no sense?

ZombieAutopsy3280d ago

whats hes trying to do is spin how the price of the ps3 was so high at launch but what he doest realize is they were losing money despite it, but activision spends around 10$ on a plastic guitar then charge you 40-60$ for it not to mention the rest of the instruments then try to complain about Sony, if i was you though id just ignore him hes a fanboy (what a suprise on N4G right???). They wont drop Ps3 though he just likes to make noise to try and seem like hes doing his job.

IdleLeeSiuLung3280d ago

I like Kotick primarily because he turned around a business about to go bankrupt. Today it is worth billions, created thousands of jobs and provided me with great games.

If I don't like his games or business model I just don't buy his stuff. If you don't like the price hike, and absolutely want the game just wait for it to drop in price within 3 months. I will!

GiantEnemyCrab3280d ago

@2.2: That was hilarious! ziiiinggg!


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tripewire3280d ago

article fails and is based on made up and assumed information.

Go away.

TOO PAWNED3280d ago

i am Kotick fan, so what? ok click on disagree.

Guitarded3280d ago

I like him just for publicly bashing Sonys business model. Also since I don't buy COD games, his price hike doesn't immediatly affect me. I'm good. I can only hope they sell fewer copies of MW:2 and the drop is confirmed to be due to price. The COD cow has been milked to death. Please let it die here.

Mo0eY3280d ago

NoDick is more like it.

cyborg69713280d ago

I agree that cod has been the most milked franchise other that madden. But to bash sony's business model which has been working since the early nineties is plain old dumb. Any1 in their right mind would want a console cycle of 10 yrs it just makes sense fiscally. And by the way any retard can play the guitar.

user39158003280d ago

Its all a mess that debates its core user and the bottom line its that the only thing more broken than the PS3 its their fandroids.

IcyJoker1873280d ago

since all of your comments sound the same

Guitarded3280d ago

Icy crying frozen tears again. Mooey will be here soon, crying milk. Another big mess.

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