EyePet Proves the EyeToy was a Missed Opportunity on Sony's Part

Slashagamer: "Wait, Sony still makes EyeToy games? Of course they do, but because of Project Natal, the camera accessory has taken a backseat as of late. We already know Natal is much more advance in terms of how well the unit reacts to human movements, but that doesn't mean the EyeToy can't impress either."

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MonkeyMan3279d ago

this augmented reality stuff is so much more interesting then using your body as a controller

Greywulf3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

lol.. Natal is the biggest fluff this gen with absolutely no retail titles in the near future.

yet from hitting a ball with your body, yep... much more advanced....

people are stupid this gen if they think natal is different than eyetoy and what its capable of.

Its a missed opportunity for sony who is releasing games that use Natals "technology" arleady. Does this make sense to anyone?

chrisnick3279d ago

the second i have to use natal with my controller(for movement or otherwise), i'll immediately feel stupid for buying it.

raztad3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Well, EyeToy tech is proving to be cool and interesting with EyePet, but I dont have any hope of/or want it becoming THE NEXT BIG THING. On the other hand I feel MS is hyping Natal to the roof, with the obvious result that the whole 360 fanbase is dreaming with playing Halo 4 waggling their arms, and running in place like idiots. Thankfully a guy from Bungie already set expectation low saying they dont think Natal could be use in Halo.

Final remark, it is still very far away the day when we can enjoy a gaming session w/o some kind of classic controls, for now all we got is some gimickry like Wii's rail shooters but nothing else.

gambare3279d ago

"this augmented reality stuff is so much more interesting then using your body as a controller "

I wonder how that will work because many gamers hates the Wii motion controller because they need to move their hands and arms, same with the six axis, then what makes the devs people will love to move their entire body if they hate to move part of it?

LoVeRSaMa3279d ago

"We already know Natal is much more advance in terms of how well the unit reacts to human movements, but that doesn't mean the EyeToy can't impress either."

That's a good point, how Advanced an item is isn't the most important thing in the gen prof of that in the Nintendo Wii, if it was purely down to tech then PS3 would be miles in the lead.

I believe its all about the marketing and advertising, a good line up of fun interactive games will also help of course.

Blaze9293279d ago

"people are stupid this gen if they think natal is different than eyetoy and what its capable of. "

No, more like people are in denial if they think Natal is simply just another eye toy. The xbox 360 already has an eye toy, Xbox LIVE vision cam. Natal is not being limited to games nor the xbox 360 as well. But no no no, its just an eye toy!


Microsoft Xbox 3603279d ago

All it takes is a bunch of BS PR lines, a fancy video montage of fake demo's and now people are calling Natal more advance? Please....... There is no proof that such thing was done in realtime. Project Natal only proves one thing, that xbox fanboys are brainwashed by anything MS puts out.

SRU96003279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

I see that Natal still has the Sony faithful as nervous as ever. lol

Listen, stop trying to convince everyone that Natal is going to suck. It only serves to make you look desperate (and in serious denial).

Omegasyde3279d ago

SRU9600 -

You can talk the smack then.

The games for it are going to be interesting, i.e. A hardcore game will find the controls inprecise and slow (like Wii Bowling and Tenis)

A casual person will like it until someone "video tapes" them jumping around like an idiot as if they are playing around with an imaginary sprinkler trying so desperately to get wet.

JD_Shadow3279d ago

How DARE you say that it's a fluff when you can make an elephant using Natal:

SRU96003279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Omegasyde, I'm not "talking smack", I'm simply saying that constantly trying to convince people that Natal will suck is lame, particularly when the tech looks as impressive as it does.

Let's keep it real, if Sony had developed Natal, many of those same Natal haters would be acting like Jesus Christ Himself had invented it.

Biphter3279d ago

But the problem here is we are talking about the PS EYE on PS3 (Eyepet will not work with Eye Toy). This is where Sony have dropped the ball. How many games have been released for PS Eye? A hand full, and When was the last one released? Nearly TWO years ago!

Sony suddenly decided that the success they had with PS2 Eyetoy somehow wouldn't translate over to the Core users of PS3... WHY? I don't know, but off the momentum of Eye of the Beholder and all the small PSN games that came out a few years ago, they could have released a steady stream of games and really given a good alternative to Wii. But they decided to sit on it all. How hard could it have been to make a new Eye Play (Which Nintendo have totally ripped off with Wii Play). And even make an Eye Sports game??

Back in 2003/4, Eye toy was doing for PS2 what the Wii mote has done for Wii. I remember being at Roskilde festival here in Denmark in 2003 when I first saw Eye Play.. it was set up live for people to play and it was amazing!

So PS3 gets PS Eye and a hand full of odd but quite fun games and then thats that for two years. Great. My PS Eye has been used only for Video calls across the pond to relatives back in UK and a glorified mic until I got my Bluetooth Headset since.

I look forward to EyePet, but good god Sony, release MORE for PS Eye!

BTW, Eye Toy/PS Eye is proven, Natal isn't... yet. If Microsoft live up to the hype then great stuff, Natal will be amazing... but until then, don't pass it as the next big thing. In the past things touted as the next big thing end up being a huge let down. Its the things that come out of nowhere (Or Laughed at... Wii) that end up in that category.

sniper-squeak3279d ago

...that each company has started copying each other now. First Sony with their six-axis and then Project Natal. Soon you have "EyeToy3" from Sony which will be copying Natal.

I've seen it happen with games too, it just depends on which company is more reliable/appealing at the end of the day.

rockleex3278d ago

Yup, Sony touched on Wiimote and Natal before Nintendo and Microsoft did. ^_^

Dr. Richard Marx from Sony made a breakout-type of tech demo by using 3DV's Z camera. Microsoft conveniently bought 3DV in 2009. Microsoft also showed a breakout tech demo with Natal in E3 this year. Hmmm, reminds you of something? ^_^

Dr. Richard Marx also demoed better 3D object motion tracking than the original Wiimote in the video. That just goes to show how long Sony had been working on their Motion Controller.

Companies always copy and improve upon each other. But it seems like Sony had came up with the ideas by themselves, and improved upon it by themselves!!!

The stupid thing is that Sony never showed off their improvements, and therefore Nintendo and Microsoft came along and made Sony look foolish. I just hope Sony has a bunch of hardcore and casual games on release day for their Motion Controller.

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fllysurfer3279d ago

not setting any high hopes...

lloyd_wonder3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Funny how xbox vision 2 isn't even out and everything. How's the Eye Toy/ Pet taking a back seat to something that isn't even out? The thing is, no one knows whether or not this type of tech will ever take off and be as mainstream as the wii.

The tech serves no more of a purpose than the Wii or Sony's motion wand does for games. It's actually a step backwards for MS if you think about it. At least Eye Pet can be incorporated into Sony's motion controller. H

Kleptic3279d ago

not to mention the camera for the PS3 is not an eye'toy'...its just the playstation Eye...

but yeah I agree...i love it when the media hypes crap that isn't even out, and how what is available is so inferior...judge Natal, and the PS3 Eye/wand combo, when they are both released...until then, leave them alone...the PS Eye is an excellent camera for not much money...if the wand is cheap too, thats great...but for now, the camera does a lot of cool stuff...

D3acon3279d ago

add some force feedback gloves and I will have to buy something like this. POWER GLOVES, or something.

wooferine3279d ago

It'd be nice if this article's writer checked the story's facts. The EyeToy is the camera used with the Playstation 2. The camera used with the Playstation 3 is called the Playstation Eye.

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