New Ninja Gaiden Sigma Screenshots

Tecmo has released nine new screenshots for Ninja Gaiden Sigma, The upcoming fighting game which is set to be released on the 26.06.2007 for the PlayStation 3.

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Babylonian4222d ago

Since when is Ninja Gaiden an RPG? Bad informed reporter, do your research first...

solidt124222d ago

Ninja Gaiden is an Action RPG. It looks pretty good in the demo.

achira4222d ago

wow, looks awesome, this powns geow in every way. another game who kicks ass the xcrapbox. where are the xbots ???

spacetoilet4221d ago

I got the demo last night, it's pretty amazing. The textures are very nice on the backgrounds, and excellent on the ninjas. What I really like is how smooth it is. Team ninja really do make a polished product.
It's freaken hard though! :+)