Kingdom Hearts III: The IGN Concept

Square Enix has traditionally been associated with the Final Fantasy franchise, but one particular series that began in 2002 took the gaming community by surprise. Kingdom Hearts combined the JRPG expertise of Square Enix with the rich worlds and characters of the Disney universe. Add in a few Final Fantasy cameos and you had one of the most unlikely pairs in videogame history -- but it worked. The original Kingdom Hearts was met with a tremendous amount of success and gamers everywhere were captivated by its unique charm and sincere emotion.

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krouse933339d ago

I can't wait to play this game exclusively on my PlayStation 3

colonel1793339d ago

Don't say that, don't jinx it. Look what happened to Final Fantasy XIII.

NaiNaiNai3339d ago

Just Like, Star ocean, Ace combat, Armored Core, FF7, FF8, FF9.. XD you silly fanboys.

Trey4Lyfe3339d ago

NaiNaiNai is a tard, so it says its name 3 times so it will remember

btw SE are a bunch of whores, dont expect it to be exclusive

ShadowRyuX3339d ago


Why are you assuming it is a PS3 exclusive? Remember when you assume you make an ass out of you and me. However, since KH is Nomura's franchise and he seems to like the PS3 we can HOPE it is an exclusive that blows are mind with its heavy optimization to PS3 hardware.

Why did you bring up FF7-9? Aren't they exclusive to the Playstation brand? And if you bring up FF7 on the PC, well then you are grasping at straws, because I am sure that pretty much no one got the PC version.

NaiNaiNai3339d ago

ROFL so its not a exclusive if its a 360 game that goes to PC but if its any sony game including the FFs its still exlcusive. man you guys are grasping at staws as you say.

Lelouch V Brit3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

"This is gonna be a great PlayStation 3 exclusive."

Square Enix = Multi

Kamikaze1353339d ago

Final Fantasy VII and VIII were on PC. FFVII had AMAZING mods...HD character modes, NPC reconstruction mods, advent children model, Anyway, the PC version sold really well for a PC game at the time.

RollingOnNubz3339d ago

Of the games you listed Nai, only Ace Combat was the game that really pissed me off.

iamtehpwn3339d ago

KH358/2 days and Birth by sleep are full KH iterations.
Having played KH358, I can tell you that much.

Also, Don't expect a KH3 soon, or any Next gen Kingdom Hearts.
Nomura is far too busy with Versus XIII and Agito.

LeonSKennedy4Life3339d ago

Who on here has said that PC-also titles aren't exclusive?

Also...FFVII, VIII, & IX have an EXTREMELY niche fan base on PC.

qface643339d ago

honestly all of you guys are being silly

im betting 20 bucks this game will come to the ignored WII if not its just gonna be a multi plat game

anyways i don't think i would want it hearing soras voice in KH2 honestly brought the game down for me

Freak of Nature3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Whatever system it comes on,I will be getting it Day1!

Kingdom hearts 3 along with "last guardian" and Beyond good and evil 2 are my most anticipated games.I have not seen a stitch of KH3,[I go to all the game shows,see tons of things behind closed doors,look through many co-artists portfolio and reels,but nothing of KH3 as of yet}.....I just know it will be out of this World when it does show up,and can imagine it on this gen systems in it's full glory...

For anyone interested there is Warren Spectors Mickey mouse game “Epic Mickey.” "hopefully" still in the works.A steampunk platformer,looks incredible going by the early concept art....Check it out here....

Thanks to Rlan at Neogaf....

FamilyGuy3338d ago

This is why Gold thinks it will be exclusive, since the he's also leading FFvs13 which IS exclusive.

I'd love a new KH either way but I'd prefer a PS3 exclusive so that it's possibly optimized to the PS3s specs.

rockleex3338d ago

Give us playable Final Fantasy characters in the next KH game!

I would also like to see non-FF characters make an appearance. Games such as Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Xenogears, Brave Fencer Musashi, Parasite Eve, Vagrant Story, etc.

Thanks, bye. ^_^

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deshon093339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

it may not be up to se it most likely will have disney more involved witch could mean disney could be the publisher so we will have to wate and see how it go's and this also could be the reason behind the lack of an announcement and wen it come to big evil corporation disney has se beat and i very sure the last thing se wants to do is get Disney mad lol but in all seriousness i mite be exclusive and it mite not so not a big deal you can still only play the frist two on playstion now that disney has there own game developing company it will not be so easily for se to be in control

Saaking3339d ago

With the history of Square-enix it'll be multiplatform. It'll still be good... I hope.

-DeathWraith-3338d ago

@NaiNaiNai: Why did you bring up that argument about the Xbox 360, when no one was even mentioning it?

On-topic: It's so blantly obvious that this is in production. Giving the fact that the director already mentioned he has ideas for the third Kingdom Hearts.

I'm also willing to bet this will be for PlayStation 3 only.

skatezero2463338d ago

ageed the xbox fanboys must not know Nomura much .... he's what they like to call a Ps3 fanboy

-DeathWraith-3338d ago

Watch out, we're going to be called a "Sony fanboy " for guessing which platform the game will be on.


Big Boss Extreme3338d ago

Kingdom Hearts is a fantastic game and im excited about KHIII.

Courage is the key

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