THQ and Ubisoft CEOs on console price cuts


"With back to back conference calls this week by Ubisoft on Monday and THQ on Tuesday, we were treated to CEO-level insight into on some of the issues facing the gaming industry. Both Yves Guillemot from Ubisoft and Brian Farrell from THQ addressed the looming console price drops and we dutifully scribbled down every word."

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sunil3277d ago

Activision - a lesson it this article for you maybe?

ShadowRyuX3277d ago

This just put Ubi and THQ leagues ahead of the likes of ActiBlizzard. Just because they have games like WoW, Call of Duty, and Starcraft they become full of hot air.

Anyways I think that Sony and Nintendo will both drop the price. I can see Nintendo dropping the Wii's price to somewhere around the $199.99-179.99 range and Sony dropping the PS3 to $299.99 (Although if they could manage $279.99 they would move a lot of systems)

And Microsoft will just crap their pants...well if what I said does happens, but perhaps it is just wishful thinking.

Gr813277d ago

These third parties have sure grown arrogant in the last gen haven't they?

Yeah, pretty soon they'll understand that they should know their roles and shut their mouths.

Szarky3277d ago

word. shut up and make the games.

asdr3wsfas3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Seriously. The console manufacturers take most of the risk and developers sit around and cry about it.

From http://seanmalstrom.wordpre...

(This site is very good for wii perspective btw, by far the best blogger I've read for understanding Nintendo's strategy.)

"It is arrogant for third parties to demand Sony to take millions of dollars of financial loss just to lower the PS3 price. It was just as equally arrogant to demand Nintendo take a financial loss just to put out hardware so third parties can go “Next Generation”. The epitome of arrogance this generation would be with certain game developers and the Wii itself. The market is clearly deciding a different course than what these game developers wanted."

They're talking about wii price cuts because the system costs the same it did at launch in order to help developers. If they can't make a successful game on a platform of 50 million I don't think selling more wiis is going to help them. They should begin a deeper inquiry into how their games are produced, the values of the developers, and what their customers actually want before suggesting that a 50 million install base isn't enough for them to succeed.

Nintendo told launch devs to use gamecube devkits for their first wii games. This costs nothing compared to production for all the HD consoles and they actually continued PS2 production anyways. Nintendo destroys expectations and then developers responsible for avoiding the wii despite minimal risk and tradition of supporting multiple consoles demand them to take a hit on sales to give them a break? (ubisoft excluded) Learn to make Nintendo quality games and quit crying.

benjam3277d ago

I agree and what they don't remember is the risks involved for the manufacturers. If they don't like the circumstances, they might as well develop titles exclusively for the PC.

keysy4203277d ago

maybe come with one for the holiday seasonand realy stick it to xbox