Xbox 360 Update Brings Much Needed Improvements

If you are one of the many people who received an email from Microsoft earlier today, you can now turn your Xbox 360 on and gain access into the beta update.

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Redgehammer3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I just received the update about an hour ago, and so far what I have seen has been a welcome addition. I especially like being able to sort my friends list. the netflix improvements are fantastic.

3275d ago
FragMnTagM3275d ago

I'm a little disturbed by how much avatar clothing costs. Looks like I will be earning them through games. I am not paying that robbery for virtual clothes.

On an unrelated note, check out this gaming granny.

Willio3275d ago

I remember MS once said that avatar clothing will never be priced a year ago on a comment against PS3 Home. They said their avatar clothes will be free because Xbox Live is developed for the gamers. Then again, they did promise 1 vs 100 after its 1 year anniversary announcement. MS does always deliver stuff right on time.

edgeofblade3275d ago

Are you saying that something that's good can't get better? As gamers, we should be used to the bar for "perfect" getting raised...

Chrisny853274d ago

your the man haha

personally im neutral but reading the funny little stabs at each other never gets old.

i hope the guide button improves fade out time.

GiantEnemyCrab3274d ago

BLuk go back to the PS3 you deserve each other.

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KionicWarlord2223275d ago

I got the update....

And it sucks .

Syronicus3275d ago

Can you share your thoughts?

ShabzS3275d ago

dude you'll get to play conviction next year ... calm down ... no need to break the 360 with a hammer now ... lol

1ikedamaster3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Everything sucks now that Conviction ain't coming.


Arthur_3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

You remind me of BabyCakes(see video). lol.
"I started reading this suuuucks".

Anyway, I thought you could already DL original Xbox games on demand? I mean, I know they said the 360 games will come later, but whats the point of touting new features, if you cant test them properly?

darkequitus3274d ago

Because it is a preview. They can tout the features all they want, because they said they will arrive on Aug 11 and fall not July 27th

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Skynetone3275d ago

it is ms were talking about


Safety and such things like downloading.

siren3275d ago

Microsoft is taking the approach that a browser, while it would provide a lot of sought after functionality, does not provide the best experience for accessing said functionality.

For example, a browser would enable users to access and stream Netflix on the Xbox360, but it would not provide the same seemless integration into the NXE experience and provide the Party support.

The same can be said for things like Facebook and Twitter. While you can access both through a browser, based on the demos, the in NXE experience is much more polished for a game console and much more desirable for utilization on the system.

If MS were to include a browser, it would be very easy to dismiss (internally at Microsoft) the value add that could be gained by providing custom portals to things like Netflix, Facebook, and Twitter. Thus, if a browser existed on the system, the odds that MS would budget for the creation of these apps would be extremely low.

The only change I would like to see is for MS to create an Application market for the Xbox360 that works similar to the current Indie Games marketplace. Allow 3rd parties to create a customized experience for their websites or apps for the 360 and sell them for profit.

Hoolock3275d ago

You are 100% correct in the reasoning behind microsoft not placing a browser on the 360 and to an extent im happy they are taking the custom built app route. Having said that a browser would be greatly recieved by myself as i do use my PS3 browser quite often but spend more time playing games on my Xbox. Them adding a browser to the dashboard would just make life a little easier for me as i wouldnt have to leave my party to watch my online episodes of south park or House.

Elven63275d ago

You can install a browser on the Xbox 360 via Windows Media Center, it's legal as well. I'm sure there are guides about it on the internet.

Personally, I found the browser thing useless, I'd rather just search up on my PC instead of my browser. UNLESS the game specifically uses the browser to take you places like some of those Dreamcast games had done. Ex, a option in Call of Duty: World at War that takes you to the COD hub optimizes for a console browser and stuff.

edgeofblade3275d ago

Funny how a browser on PS3 and Wii is completely useless to me. Secure in that knowledge, I can let Microsoft spend their time and money on more useful features and continue earning that $50 a year I pay them.

Hoolock3274d ago

Thanks for the tip ill be doing that now. yeh i use my PC most for browsing but since my consoles are connected to my large screen TV i like to stream content from the net through my console.

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KionicWarlord2223275d ago

Ok it doesn't suck....

Im just disappointed...

Netflix party feature is pretty amazing .

The movie gets played on a virtual big screen and there`s movie seats for your friends .

Rateing all game content is great feature .

Streamlined parties is much appreciated .

Pressing the x buttun to eject disc was much appreciated .

Avatar Market place was odly ...good.

There`s a halo laser ring for 40 Ms points on there. Also free shirts and etc . come in the update .

Achievement Browser is great . It feels more organized .

Now added to the guide buttun / dashboard blades is

Avatar Market place


Video and Music Marketplace

Active downloads

Redeem Codes

Also there`s a Recession clothing line for your avatar .

I couldn't believe that myself .

Games on Demand feature will be pretty interesting .

Will have to see what titles get added on .

edhe3275d ago

Why are you dissapointed in an update that adds functionality and extras?

There was nothing more expected for it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3275d ago

You also have Microsoft's new streaming tech for Netflix. If your watching a video and your speed drops the video will drop to a lower rez instant, and if it speeds back up the rez will increase with no buffering. You also have more choices for video preferences in system to help you choose whats best for your type of TV. There are also many more options for your guide and chat and party funtions. Best thing of all is NXE and guide are much faster and runs more smooth.

Arthur_3275d ago

That tech is great and all. But there arent a lot of great HD vids on Netflix. I wish there were more. I guess 1080p streaming will fix that,by offering new releases---but it wont be as cheap. But the standard quailty vids are pretty good on Netflix, so I guess my point is mute.

Elven63275d ago

You do know in the movie theater you can go full screen so you don't need to see your avatars watching the movie, right?

Also, this update came out of nowhere, Microsoft already said they were ditching the yearly updates feature after NXE so the fact that we get a update on this scale and not something minor is cool.

edgeofblade3275d ago

I say, availability trumps quality on Netflix. But if I can get 1080p instant on, I'll be very happy. Not so sure it will work perfectly, but the instant-on is the key feature for me... not the resolution.

Honestly, I think most normal people... excluding pixel-counting AV nerds... are more happy with availability than resolution.

darkequitus3274d ago

The Netflix instant streaming tech is not up and running yet. All I get is my Avatar standing around. The ability to add to the queue was disabled for me today. Was working yesterday

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