Crytek May Leave Germany Soon

Koku Gamer writes: 'Crytek, the developer of Crysis, may be on the verge of leaving their German headquarters due to a possible ban on violent video games in the country.'

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Ziriux3345d ago

Yea I have a feeling they'll come to the US EA will probably pay a lot of money for their technology or acuire the studio and there goes Cryteck as well.

A HiFi3345d ago

You might be right. But they may move to one of their other studios and expand it. You've got Kiev (Ukraine), Budapest (Hungary), Sofia {Bulgaria) or even the old Free Radical studio that Crytek recently bought in Nottingham (England) to pick from...or the EA option.

Major problem with the workers though...would they be willing to move?

morganfell3344d ago

Not EA. Crytek has already purchased a smaller studio and beefed it up with personnel. It is now the US office of Crytek and is located in Orlando. We have our CryEngine trial license through them.

evrfighter3344d ago

bleh unfortunately I agree with Morganfell. But I'm not surprised. There was some small discussions in the Crymod forums regarding how long Crytek would stay in Germany awhile back.

Tachyon_Nova3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

There is no way that unless Crytek go broke, they will get bought out. They have been going on an aquisition spree lately, and now have 4 game developing studios and a few others that don't make games, and nearly 500 employees. You don't do that sort of thing if you plan on selling your business anytime soon.

Really, Australia isn't that bad on banning games. The only game banned that was any good was Fallout 3, for drug usage. They only had to change its name to get it in.

And if Crytek did come to Australia, it would be a good thing for them I think. Look at 2K Games. Load up Bisohock, and you'll see that 2K Australia was one of the producers. The reason Australia is a good place is that it sits on a completely different time zone to the US and Europe. When people in Europe and America are saying goodnight, us Aussies are starting work, meaning zero down time in producing a game between Australia and the US. They should set up in Aus and the US, that would be the best move for them.

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AngelorD3344d ago

I feel sorry for german gamers if this ban really does happen...
That means only E rated games...

3344d ago
NateDPG3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

That's actually the reason why they are so sensitive about such things. I'm not a German but happen to live it that country and what's also funny is that Germans can't have any national pride, what yanks are doing like having their flag infront of the house etc. means in Germany they nazis.

Nihilism3344d ago

hey crytek, come to australia....were the new mexico of the world, everyone's making their movies here for 5 cents, we'll give you a good deal i promise

Demonsdown3344d ago

Why would they want to go from one nanny state to another?

Strikepackage Bravo3344d ago

to the goofs who fell for the smooth talk and voted for Obama, we are soon going to have our own little nanny state right here in the USA.

If he gets his health bill passed he will mandate how much time we can game, to see to it that all gamers have time to exercise. He will call it cutting healthcare costs through prevention. What an @ss.

A HiFi3344d ago

Spot on. Australia is already lagging behind with no 18+/R-rated games allowed.

evrfighter3344d ago

Australia's not too far behind China when it come's to censoring the net....

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Ninjamonkey3344d ago

Seriously if Germany does this they're really kicking themselves.

Gaming is a huge buissiness and youve got some of the best in your country bringing in millions of Euros of revenue and your just going to kick them out, and in a reccession???

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