CG.Biz Interview: Jagex

Thanks to the success of MMO Runescape, Jagex has become one of the country's largest indie developers. A new MMO, tentatively titled Mechscape, is now underway at the studio, and its FunOrb browser gaming portal is gathering momentum.

To learn more, sat down with Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard, head of games development Henrique Olifiers, and head of public relations Adam Tuckwell, to talk to a company not typically associated with the casual sector can offer new generations of gamer young and old.

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A HiFi3344d ago

Good stuff. I used to play Runescape many years ago. I checked recently and he's still there...with some great stats and rare items still kicking about. =p

Mechscape sounds interesting. But I reckon Jumpgate: Evolution will beat them there. If it's a free-to-play model with subscription as an option, it'll obviously be fine.

rockleex3343d ago

Deeper than Runescape, but with no XP.

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