SMT: Persona PSP website gets major update

Jason Evangelho writes:

"On September 22, 2009 Atlus will be releasing the original, acclaimed SMT: Persona title for the Sony PSP, with ridiculous amounts of updates, upgrades, and fan service thrown into the mix.

Today, Atlus sent news of several major content updates to the Persona website, including videos showing off the characters, story, and battle system. You can also treat your ears to samples from the Double-CD soundtrack that will be bundled with every retail copy."

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shadowdancer3339d ago

The update looks nice, compared to what I remember from the original. Loving the Atlus Spoils, too.

ZeroYui3339d ago

I'm sad i don't have a PSP T_T.

killyourfm3339d ago

...and it's taken about 4 years for people to finally be sad they don't have one. I'm thrilled the PSP is starting to live up to it's promise of great titles. Too little too late, sure, but it's finally worth owning.

Awookie3338d ago

Its always had a slew of great games syphon filter, GTA, MGS, Lumines, Wipeout, alot of RPGs i don't get why people say it hasn't been delivering till now.

Enate3338d ago

To little to late pfft I've been enjoying mine since day 1 psp-1000 an going strong. Ridge Racer, Untold legends 1 an 2 was great when I was in highschool we played adhoc alot, NFL Street 2, Crisis Core, Phantasy Star Portable, Jean D'arc, Monster Hunter, God of War, FF tatics, Resistance, Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness, Loco Roco, Patapon an much more especially in the way of RPGS. Not to mention the upcoming amazing titles like Dissidia, FFXIII Agito, Parasite Eve the third birthday, Kingdom hearts birth by sleep, Disgaea 2, GT psp an much more.

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