Sea Captain Review (ZTGD)

Cat writes: Sea Captain dutifully expands on the route-assigning basics of its predecessors. With fresh gameplay elements it is a game I will come back to for just one more round, though I don't fancy I will ever find it very, well, likable. In spite of a barrage of ships and obstacles the rounds still retain a glacial pace, and Sea Captain seems to favor strategy over action (the pirates are a ruse). At ninety-nine cents it's a worthwhile purchase for the Flight Control fan looking for a greater challenge and plenty of content. Maybe that guy that landed 10,000 planes wants to give it a go.

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PS360WII3278d ago

Yeah at least Harbor Master lets you bounce off things ;) I still have a hard time doing the night mode and yes the slow motion of the game can get on the nerves. Fast Forward ftw! lol at that mean Captain though what a jerk.

It is nice this new genre is growing and as Sea Captain shows there is plenty of room to make it harder 0.0

Cat3278d ago

It's true, i really appreciate that the games I'm playing that at first glance could be called Flight Control Version _____ are really expanding on the gameplay. I'm serious kicking that d-bag Sea Captain in the shins next time I see know, down at the docks. Or whatever.

PS360WII3278d ago

lol yeah I surprised he never says "You obviously don't know how to play this game jack---"