Rocket Riot - ZTGD Review

Cat writes: "A dual-stick shooter in the oft-invoked spirit of Geometry Wars, simple controls and focused levels make the gameplay compelling, but it is its style and personality that will set Rocket Riot apart. The game opens with an off-the-wall story of legless pirate Blockbeard stealing the lower limbs of an entire town, setting the stage for you, a legless soldier with a jet engine in place of your pooper. Between you and me, that's all I need to know before I go on a missile shooting spree."

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PS360WII3275d ago

I like the art style of it and the 8bit explosions :) Interesting spot to put a jetpack though but I suppose if the bad guys steel your legs what else can you do...

Maybe the multiplayer will pick up but at least you say the single player experience is worthwhile still.