GameSpy: The King of Fighters XII Review

GameSpy writes: "The only way you're likely to get any enjoyment out of King of Fighters XII is through local matches with friends -- and if you're that attached to SNK's characters, it is a decent 2D fighter that does all the basic things that you expect a 2D fighter to do. But with so many better options to choose from, why would you want to subject yourself to this?"

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Chapulin3305d ago

kind of harsh review. rent it is then.

richter_party3305d ago

while i agree with much of the review, i think it's a little too early to write the game off completely until ignition has a chance to get a patch going for the lag.

Solbadguy3305d ago

a small company like Aksys do such a nice job with Blazblue for online but the larger SNK & Ignition do such a terrible job?

ngg123453305d ago

What? I know that seems way harsh. It is basically saying this game is shovelware.

3305d ago