GamersTemple: Shatter Review

Jason Nimer of The Gamers Temple writes:
"Until this game popped up on the PSN Store last week (sorry, 360 fans - this one is exclusive for now, but the PS3 is getting Castle Crashers soon, maybe Shatter will be on Live before you know it - keep your fingers crossed), I'm pretty sure I'd never even heard its name, let alone what kind of game it would be. As the favorable reviews started surfacing, I figured I'd give it a shot. It's only $7.99, right? Well, it turns out that this was the best use I'd made of eight bucks since I bought some of that compressed air stuff and fixed my laptop's DVD drive. Shatter is deceptively simple to explain, so until you play it for yourself you'll just have to take my word for it. The game is AWESOME."

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richter_party3311d ago

this is like the 10th shatter review i've seen today. why wasn't this reported as a duplicate?

JL3311d ago

Wow. I'm not even going to point out how ignorant that comment is.

richter_party3311d ago

but i've seen a shatter review on different sites 10 times already. that's a duplicate.

krouse933311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

A duplicate is a review from the same exact website which this is not.

All games get more than one review as they get the score averaged together in the meta.

Shatter is a Phenomenal game By The Way.

agent_quaid3311d ago

I agree. The same kind of information can be found on different sites already. This is stuff we already know. This is a duplicate.

JL3311d ago

I hope to god that you and richter aren't the same.

That being said, let's go over this one more time: A duplicate article is one that reveals the exact same news as another article already submitted. Being as the "news" of this article is the opinion on a game from GamersTemple, then there is no way there could be a duplicate of this unless somebody submitted this exact same review (in which case I would've have been able to submit it cuz the system would have recognized the duplicate URL). If you'll go through, you'll notice ALL games get many many reviews. That's because everybody's opinion differs, so it's nice having a variety of those opinions to read through on games that one is unsure of or wants to know about. The reason there are so many reviews of this game recently is because it's a recently released game, thus all the reviews are coming in. I'd almost guarantee you can't find a game on here that doesn't have multiple reviews. Reviews aren't duplicate unless from the same site. Being as you 'both' are trainees, maybe you'll want to brush up on those rules before you go wild with submitting news and managing pending news.

frostyhudson3311d ago

at best, you can claim that this site has a better review, but i'd claim that's irrelevant. this review isn't shedding any new light on anything on the game since this is information that we know from other reviews. the only true value is that it gives a new number, something that other articles already do. you should really look for duplicates before submitting.

JL3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

This isn't the open zone, so I'm going to PM you with my thoughts. But this is truly sad how you're now tracking and trolling me after first crying and ignoring and blocking me. NOBODY here would agree with you that this is a duplicate story. Plain and simple.

krouse933311d ago

YOu can tell because both only joined a few hours ago.

The last guy frostyhudson is just F'in with you I think. Because He's been here for a while.

Bordel_19003311d ago

Shatter is very very cool. Worth every penny.

Don't bother with frostyhudson, agent_quaid and richter_party, those guys are completely lost.