ZTGD Video Interview with Tommy Tallarico

ZeroTolerance writes: We sit down with the co-creator of Video Games Live to discuss Earthworm Jim, the lack of Mega Man and of course Advent Rising.

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Odion3343d ago


Hey Mr Boss man!

ZeroTolerance3343d ago

Yeah can you tell I am nervous? How geeky is it that I was sitting next to a celebrity in the nerd world and I was nervous HA!

meepmoopmeep3343d ago

but... the thundercats shirt made you cooler :)

meepmoopmeep3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

nice, video interview

wow, i like how he got into the industry.
wish that happened to me.

"Hey you want a (gaming) job?"

Cajun Chicken3343d ago

I love his MDK and Wild 9 soundtracks.

DragonWarrior_43343d ago

F*ck Wild 9. I want more Earthworm Jim b*tch.

richter_party3343d ago

Isn't this the same guy that hates 2D fighters?

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