Gaming Union: Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament Review

Gaming Union writes: "When the original Steambot Chronicles was released on the PlayStation 2 three years ago, gamers were given a game that was very unique, but was marred by an awkward control scheme that forced the players to use both control sticks to control their vehicle, known as a Trot. Steambot Chronicles: Battle Tournament, a spin-off in the series, rectifies this issue and makes its own changes to the formula. Do these changes help further the series, or do some of them push the series farther back?"

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mephman3344d ago

Not great, but not bad either.

Selyah3344d ago

Inclined to agree, not really aspiring me to want to buy it, was kinda interested to see how well it turned out this time though. A friend was particularly disappointed in the one on the ps2 when that was released a long time ago. Seems it's not really done enough this time though, even if it has improved.

ShawnCollier3344d ago

Yeah, it was enjoyable, but there were some aspects that needed polish/work. It almost seemed like they ran out of time in some areas.

mephman3344d ago

Oh well. Maybe they'll produce another Steambot game on the PSP so they can correct their mistakes? xD

richter_party3344d ago

Yeah. Like that'll happen!