BITMAPS 87: Infamous' Small Failures

TheGameReviews writes "First I suspected that inFamous' transgressions were merely more severe; that its annoyances simply pushed it over that line of toleration. inFamous isn't short on niggles, the voice acting chief among them. Cole sounds like a 14-year-old that really, really wants to sound tough. The man's growl is more forced than a male attending Twilight. The absurdity of his voice caught me by surprise every time. I couldn't help but mock every word out of his mouth. It's like someone made twenty genetic clones of Christian Bale and they surround me all doing that ridiculous Batman growl... yet, all told, the characters and voices are a small part of the whole experience. inFamous offers the ability to shock a man until his heart explodes, heal him back to life, then yet again light him up like Time's Square. Climbing buildings is effortless and enabling - merely hopping around buildings is an exploratory delight (though I really wanted my jumping ability to upgrade). These in themsleves should be enough to override any defect."

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mr durand pierre3129d ago

I'm going to have to agree to disagree. At first I didn't like Cole's voice, but I adapted to it rather quickly, and grew to like it quite a bit. It's a bit one-note, but so was David Hayter as Solid Snake. At the very least, they got that note down well enough.

I liked Cole's design too. His hipster chic outfit looked fitting for a messenger boy in his mid 20s.

And while I hated the way Zeke looks and found his voice a little over-the-top, I got used to that as well, and found his character surprisingly deep. Some of the twists involving him in the latter half of the game made him a lot more complex than I would have initially thought.

morganfell3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

When a site is reduced to small nitpicking then the article has no place in the gaming press. Hit chasing No thanks.

Wastrel53129d ago

I don't usually like the voice acting in games and Infamous was no exception. Painfully generic or irritating - Zeke being the worst offender. It feels a little petty to hate on a game so much for just that, but I get where your coming from. Sometimes I'd sooner have Hungarian voices with subtitles in games - at least then I don't know if its good acting or not.

cain1413129d ago

I think it's just boiling down to the fact that gamers expect a full package now, and that includes quality acting...

The game wasn't terrible on that front in my mind, but it wasn't anything noteworthy either...

sorceror1713129d ago

The voice acting isn't spectacular, but it's nowhere near as bad as the article claims, at least IMHO. I haven't been 'jolted out of my immersion' by it at all. I only really was struck by the "jaggies" once, and a couple times I or an enemy glitched into a building. Those flaws just don't detract that much from the game. The controls are so good most of the time that the few times it seems like my button-presses aren't recognized really stand out.

If they came out with an inFAMOUS patch, I'd ask for (a) holding Circle lets you drop without grabbing, instead of having to repeatedly press it, (b) an actual list of stunts you've done instead of a count, and (c) some clipping improvements.

It ain't perfect... but it's been a long time since I've had this much fun with a game.

SlamVanderhuge3129d ago

I wont be turned away from a game b/o voice acting, but it doesnt help that 90% of main characters are completely unlikable douches these days. Voice acting just adds onto that

mrv3213129d ago

Completing the game in a week, awsome game. I had no big complaints except maybe it was too good but I'm not going to hold it against the game.

I even loved the enemies and that's rare, especially the trash robots.

I loved the story

The Karma system was perfect.

I am not a fanboy, I enjoyed a good game. I also enjoyed Gears 2, Star control 2, COD 4, Red Fraction. If I am a fonboy I'm a bad one... I like Multiplats :P

Solans Scott3129d ago

The voice acting in inFAMOUS didn't subtract from my overall experience with the game. If I had one criticism it would that the game tries to predict where you want to go when climbing which makes scaling a building very easy and descending quite difficult. I have not played Prince of Persia nor Mirror's Edge but I will agree with the statements made about Far Cry 2. It was a well crafted game but the guard posts were exceedingly annoying.

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