Engadget: Sony's red and blue DualShock 3 Release date/Screenshots


"We know what you want: you want entirely too many photos of some new DualShock 3 controllers in a variety of non-compromising positions. The real kicker? These two controllers are "Deep Red" and "Metallic Blue," the most American of all the colors. And you do, like America, right citizen? Right. Now click through to that gallery like the Productive Member of Society #48-J12 that you are. Sony should have these on the market this October, for you to spend your hard earned money dollars on and attain the True Happiness due to every citizen consumer."

Continue via the link for more pictures.

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Mo0eY3274d ago

Less controllers, more PS3 slims.

blind-reaper3274d ago

less controlers, lower the price!!! lol My 2 year old died for good(for second time) yesterday, I already payed $600 back in 06 I do not want to pay another $400.

rockleex3274d ago

It would look nicer if they used darker shades of red and blue.

sam22363274d ago

Christ, who'd buy those ugly things?! I'll stick with black, thanks.

Admiral_Benson3274d ago

Agreed. These are pretty fugly.

Standard black look way better but i do love my Ceramic White dualshock, that get's the most use for me!

joydestroy3274d ago

i'd buy a red one, as red is one of my fav colors.

i'm sure someone who likes blue a lot will buy a blue one.

Raf1k13274d ago

Black or White is the way to go but I wish the white one had white buttons too

sorceror1713274d ago

Hell, I could actually use some odd-colored ones - they might stand out and be easier to find when the kids misplace 'em.

Oh wait, no, they'd just blend in with all the other baby toys. I'll stick with black, thanks.

Salvadore3274d ago

I disagree, they look very cool.

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dorron3274d ago

Ugly as hell...

By the way, I was wondering why colored pads come so much time after the release of the console, when all they got to do is paint them with a different color...

Superduper093274d ago

Metallic blue or red would have been a better option.

stevenhiggster3274d ago

I take it you didn't actually click the link, as if you did you would know that they are metallic.

stevenhiggster3274d ago

To the phantom disagrees, read the freakin article, it even says "metallic blue" !!

DlocDaBudSmoka3274d ago

but for some odd reason, colored controllers remind me of knock-offs. even tho the sony logo is clearly visible it still looks second hand.

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The story is too old to be commented.