Can EA create its own console? or should they learn from SEGA

Gaming industry & media never parts and where is media there will be always rumors and lately one of them can really brings someone's attention claiming that EA is considering a huge risk by entering the hardware Industry from the widest door.

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mrv3213307d ago

EA have improved moralle as a company... I'm surprised I haven't seen a Guitar Hero console or an activision console.

biloz3307d ago

I think I'll be one of their first customers if they managed to do it :)

prabx3307d ago

We had an article like this about a year ago, why again?

N4g_null3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

before you say BS about what is posted below please remember the artist and designer and programmer are loving the direct x 11 stuff. If they aren't then they will be fired soonish. Game dev is going to cost even more in the next gen if we head on the current path of evolution. Some est it will cost north of 50million now. I think it's going to be pretty hard to recoup those cost at 2 million copies sold. Most publishers will need out side investors or other companies to jump into the game to stay relevant in the next gen which is getting close. id is one of those companies hit by it and other will follow.

LOL you know where this rumor comes from? APPLE is thinking about buying a game company and they have no game and the hired an ibm guy for the chips and an xbox guy and then some one else. Apple made a huge amount on the new Iphone and games are seriously wetting their taste buds. On top of this you have a illing Steve... The prefect way to go on auto pilot is to get into gaming. Buy up EA bring out a sick little Wii killer that also kills the HD consoles and seriously please don't say apple doesn't know any thing about building systems. The of old Imac with a good GPU is more powerful than a xbox 360 and it never over heats.

Apple is more likly to find a optical media to compete with sony also or better yet stream data, GASP from where who knows... sit and think about it why don't you.

The 3do was EA's last try but they actually got a lot of people to committee to make games back then... those games sucked but it was out their. Thanks to MS and SONY turning the gaming market into a easy understandable almost MS wizard enabled industry any one with the money can get in and throw money at these publisher and developers. It would be curiously interesting if apple lend EA some style and design know how... would that equal a new company worthy of fighting nintendo in the realm of gaming or just another PC vender eating the wallets of the adult gamers. Apple would solidify the snoobery of the elite gamers and prove once and for all gaming is for adult , right?

On top of this I predict Apple has made way more fans than MS or SONy could handle then add EA and this could be a problem for the two HD guys... You have not meet a fan boy till you have meet and apple fanboy! Those guys would crush the HD gamers to a pulp.... and on top of this apple are at every high end design school and have a strong following when it comes to artist. I may only have a power mac but if apple let me build my own mac then I would. I'm strictly a PC guy when it comes to work but many artist I work with are the same buy let apple make a console and the mac freaks will come out in full force.

What is funny is SONY is a substitute for this. If this did happen then the PC take over will be complete!

Basicly it would break down like this..

Nintendo console for games-
PC console would happen- HD gaming is a baby step for this.
Then you have PC high end gaming.

Hey but that all rumors I'm glad I don't work for EA right now!

Gamertags3306d ago

I think there is always room for a new console. I would be the first to buy as long as it has all of the features and functions.

If EA did release a system, Sony would be in serious trouble! Imagine the PS3 without any EA titles.

Sounds bad doesn't it!

At least MS has an incredible list of exclusives and has a better relationship with developers.

NewZealander3306d ago

ohhh noes those EA fanboys would be out of control!!

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zerojay3307d ago

EA already HAS put out a console. It was the 3DO. Trip Hawkins was the head of EA and they spun off the console group into their own company and Trip moved over to head them up. They then licensed the console specs and formats out to various companies such as Panasonic, Goldstar and so on.
When you look at the games EA put out on the 3DO, they are the beginnings of MANY of their current big games. Need for Speed being a very notable example. It was also where they first got into doing multiplayer 3d sports games such as FIFA Soccer.

Szarky3307d ago

thanks. very informative.

biloz3307d ago

I discussed what will happen if EA do it now, because now some of their games are "must own" for so many gamers, ex.u can't say that need 4 speed was a reason to buy the 3DO while it was just a title with no history and released for the first time .

Gamer_Politics3307d ago

EA wont enter the market because they make more money off having games on every platform

interrergator3307d ago

agreed they make great games army of two is not a bad game deadspace was fun as sh!t bad company is great

Elimin83306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

Although that would not be to smart. They would want to keep their games exclusive to their platform "console" so they can push sales in both areas... "systems and games". Anyways three is enough just stick to making games...

truehunter3307d ago

what happen to OnLive ?? EA not gonna support them ?? ever sence E3 is over OnLive just died .. no one seems to talk about it.
what about Zeebo ??? it came out but no one talks about it ..........

Pandamobile3307d ago

No one talks about OnLive because there haven't been any new developments.

keysy4203306d ago

ea makes way too much money off of software why try to make hardware in a crowded market and risk losing money?

user39158003306d ago

Someone has to take third place and by introducing a new console into the market the PS3 will have no choice, but to get out once and for all. why keep garbage in the gaming market.

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