Ubisoft looks to the Wii, Project Natal for casual gaming future

So Ubisoft is looking to the Wii, and beyond, for the bulk of its casual gaming sales. "The casual business is changing rapidly and it will still be a very interesting business but we have to reinvent it this year," Guillemot expained. "We already have a big shift from DS to Wii this year, and we'll continue with the Wii and the Xbox 360 with the new 3D camera next year." Of course, we've been focused on how Project Natal will work with "our" games; however, here's the CEO of a major publisher talking about the Xbox 360 (not the PS3's motion camera though?) as another prong in its successful casual strategy.

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IdleLeeSiuLung3280d ago

I have suspicion that developers would rather just create a Wii Motion Plus game rather than a "Motion Plus" game for the PS3. Why? Larger consumer base on the Wii that doesn't have as high demand on quality and cheaper development cost. This is not to mention, the hardcore crowd generally doesn't like motion controls that the PS3 cater too. Why bother with the PS3 then? Seems like a slam dunk to me, but we will see....

StanLee3280d ago

I suspect you're right. Why create games for a PS3 crowd that may be slow to embrace the new peripheral when the Wii has an install base of users crying out for quality content that makes use of the peripheral it already has. Still, I don't see Natal having that great an impact either.

IdleLeeSiuLung3280d ago

I have a little more hope for Natal, because of

a) primary reason is that Natal isn't intended for the hardcore crowd and clearly aimed at the casual market. This market is much more susceptible to gimmicky new technology. Imagine a Natal Aerobics! The game can check if you are keeping up or not.... Basically there is no confusion about who your consumers are.
a) Developers seem interested, intrigued and curious about the new technology. So far at least two large third party developers have publicly spoken about support for it, Epic and now Ubisoft
b) Consumers seem excited about this
c) MS said it will support Natal like a new console launch
d) MS seems to be better at creating buzz/marketing for their products

Even then though it is an uphill battle and the accessory needs to practically be given away or have killer software. This last point of course applies to Sony as well. We shall see, we shall see....

rockleex3279d ago

Not hardcore games. ^_^

militant073280d ago

this is getting very rediculuse!

gears of war 2 would have been a better if it was delayed!

user39158003280d ago

Who will like to loose money, almost no one and therefore the Fartstastion 3 its not a viable product.

Ps3 its only for those individuals that thought this product will be as stated by their executive the greatest console ever, however we all know that what comes out of sony executive its nothing but hype and lies. However, they are sucesful on their ads campaign, I mean there its an alliance of dumb fandroids wordshiping their true black plastic god and not knowing that once you buy it, they will become PS3 zombies looking forward into the Pink dildo leaking gang.

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Alcon Caper3280d ago

There was no support for the Eye Toy. It's clear Sony is not making support for their motion controller a priority. It's a shame.

ceedubya93280d ago

I almost traded in my PSeye about 5 times now. But I keep holding on to it with hopes that I'll be able to get more use out of it in the future.

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