IGN: Borderlands Hands-On

IGN writes: "We were using a sniper rifle for the majority of the run through, picking foes off of bridges and alleviating the pressure on other party members who lead the charge into enemy territory. Eventually we came upon a particularly tough insect-like creature that proved to be especially deadly. Combining a spitting attack with lunges and jump attacks, this monster could inflict some severe damage. When the team wasn't focusing on bringing it down, it was focusing on running around and reviving those that had fallen, and with a group of friends it seems like this kind of experience could be a lot of fun as everyone works together to overcome a challenge. Since it's a free-for-all looting system where anyone can pick up anything as long as they get there first, you'll probably want to make sure you hop online with friends or the arguments could get more heated than the firefights".

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TooTall193309d ago

IGN also has a new video preview of Borderlands that's really good.