Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2/Ninja Gaiden 2 Comparison Clip HD

GV: "Side by side comparison between Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Ninja Gaiden 2."

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The Wood3223d ago

the other is the Sigma treatment. All upgrades should be called sigma's

InfectedDK3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Really looking forward to this one.. Nice to see that it isn't just a port.. And it comes with new characters, challenges and other things.. Cool.. I'll buy it!

The Wood, lol.. I'll use that in the future for the games that deserves it.. "A Sigma treatment".

socomnick3223d ago

They look exactly the same, only difference is the lack of blood and the purple myst thing.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

"Sloppy ports are one end of the spectrum
the other is the Sigma treatment. All upgrades should be called sigma's"

NGS2 runs a different engine and that's actually very sad to hear for ps3.

you tell me how many developers are willing to double their budgets to tailor fit engines for multiple consoles when ever they decide to make a project. the objective to multiplatform development ISN'T to get the game done with years spacing from each console.

if that's what it takes to make a decent multiplat game then that's actually not good, what if this game was alan wake that we're talking about here, add 1 more year to it's development life then that's 6 years in development.........almost a whole console's lifespan just to play 1 game.

gaffyh3223d ago

Noticable differences:

+ better textures and colour in Sigma
+ improved orbs design
- reduced amount of blood and gore, replaced with purple stuff

Also better camera but you can't tell in this video. Download the HD version to see the differences

IdleLeeSiuLung3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

The video is sub-HD so it is hard to spot, but I noticed this:

- the table in the cutscene, the textures are sharper and not blurry on the PS3 version
- the character seems to have better lighting in the 360 version
- the character seems to have more detailed textures on the PS3 version

Anyone notice anything else concrete?

edit: thanks gaffyh for pointing out the HD video. Downloading it now.

7ero H3LL3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

wow, so basically the only way to make a good 360 to ps3 game is to scrap the engine entirely, and start over.

Pizzagaki3223d ago

I noticed that the hard wooden floors on the ps3 do not shine, on the 360 they do, hardwood is polished and shiny when turned into japanese hardwooden floors.

Also the light coming trough the rice paper doors on the ps3 are too bright, they are rice paper, not glass windows!!!!

And third, the blossom is white on the ps3 version, and blossom is supposed to be pinkish, seems the ps3 got a hard time with color, lighting and reflection.

poopsack3223d ago

its funny how they try to attack PS3 development, new engine for the PS3? thats so sad!, yes exactly what happened with Burnout Paradise amirite?

SaberEdge3223d ago

I'll admit, the PS3 version does look a little better to me. That's great news for PS3 owners. 360 owners be happy that you got to play it earlier.

Both consoles have their pluses and minuses and they are both great consoles to own. I am happy to own both and I am getting tired of all the fighting. We seriously need to stop bickering so much and just enjoy the games. Isn't that what being a gamer is about?

Raf1k13223d ago

I'm pretty sure I saw shiny wood on the floow at around 1:34 as he's turning a corner.

Though there isn't any shine outside in which case maybe the gloss has weathered away with all this extra time in development :)

Microsoft Xbox 3603223d ago

The only people saying it looks the same are the xbox fanboys.


ummm what"

what i'm trying to say (in reference to what "The Wood" said) i think it would be better for developers to just stick with improving their dev kits than make sperate engines for multiplatform development.

a good example would be Rockstar and their next "GTA" game, what would be better for any of you guys to hear,

Rockstar making an announcement that they need to holed back a version a whole year so that they could make the game the same on both consoles or, them saying that they're making improvements on the engines for multiplatform development.

NegativeCreepWA3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Look at the wood table, the 360 version looks a little blurry compared to Sigma.

Seems like I'm the only one wondering if the camera will be fixed. Or does no one care now that's its coming out on the PS3.

OnlyOnN4G3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

I see the dismemberment is still present but its followed by a gush of purple mist with traces of blood as the floors covered with it, rather than bursts of purely blood, still looks good though

morganfell3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

The video is small and that makes comparison less easy. That said the difference is still obvious. The detail in Sigma rears it's head. Some people can fool themselves with ridiculous statements like, "They look the same" but that doesn't alter the obvious truth.

Just be aware this is far from the last comparison video you are going to see and things are only going to get worse for individuals that believe that NG2 is in the same graphical league as Sigma 2.

Whether it is Ryu or the storefront during the battle, the difference is plain to see. Even the threads in the jacket as well as the creases in Ryu's face scarf are visible in the PS3 version. Small details like eyes in Ryu's close up to the fight in the narrow walkway. Sigma 2 looks like a next gen title and whereas NG2 looks like it was captured with a cam.

Watch it in HD. Not even close:


Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 FTW.

ryuzu3223d ago

This is as close as we'll get to directly comparing a platform exclusive game on two different platforms!

Unlike the normal multi-plat port (minimal work/make it look the same on all plats) this game had heart and soul poured into the 360 version by Itagaki, and then made again for the PS3 by those left behind when he left/was fired.

Perhaps for the first and maybe only time, we can directly compare what each console is capable of when games are developed exclusively.


aldesko3223d ago

"I'll admit, the PS3 version does look a little better to me."

Whoa... easy there, bud. Don't hurt yourself.

jk =)

KarateExplosion3223d ago

Yes the ps3 version is sharper. To back this up in the beginning where the camera focuses on his eyes. One is dull (360) One has light reflecting off it (ps3). YES it is that obvious. Comparing them is wrong because it is a new engine and a year late. So just no one get to hurt when they see someone saying that the ps3 version is better lookin.

sonarus3223d ago

I don't see why 360 fanboys care. You played the game over a yr ago so WTF. The graphics have obviously benefited from extra development time and yes the graphics are better. Plus Ryu eyes are actually green in PS3 version.

360 version honestly looks like a port of Sigma 2. A weak port

SaberEdge3223d ago

What are people disagreeing with me about? That we need to stop fighting so much? Or that the PS3 version looks better?

GUNS N SWORDS3223d ago

hmmmmm, my feelings on sigma2 are mixed, yes it does look very nice and smooth too, but no i don't think that they needed to take that route that they took. SE didn't have to do that with ff13's development.

i hope that they made right choice and i honestly do like to see how tecmo will be using their new engine for future multiplat NG projects.

my two cents, later.

raztad3223d ago


I think SE benefited from having the PS3 as the primary platform for FFXIII. I mean (and Sony has been saying this for eons), if you make the engine/game keeping PS3 arch in mind, to port it over to 360 is a easy step. The inverse is not true. Sure this engine will be use in future projects. Quantum could be one of them.

BTW, this game is looking pretty nice. I'm getting pumped about it.

Jaces3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )


3 360 fanboy comments all within a minute of each other.

-The HD
-Rock 'em Socom


Guess you guys are pretty peeved. I mean since it's a year old and all no one really cares...right?

Good to see a suped up version of NG2 coming to the PS3. Can't wait!

sparta763223d ago

U guys most be butt hurt!!! Lol

Clap Your Hands3223d ago

Dont see your point.

They are useing the same engine as they were useing on Sigma 1

So no problem really.

Pain3223d ago

the excess blood in the 360 version is just a way to bone up on effects to hide the lack of real detail the PS3 version clearly seems to have?


"I think SE benefited from having the PS3 as the primary platform for FFXIII. I mean (and Sony has been saying this for eons), if you make the engine/game keeping PS3 arch in mind, to port it over to 360 is a easy step. The inverse is not true. Sure this engine will be use in future projects. Quantum could be one of them."

wasn't ghost busters ps3 lead?

you know their development team worked on the game, even put their logo on the disk too.

Dont see your point.

They are useing the same engine as they were useing on Sigma 1

So no problem really."

NG2 didn't run the sigma engine.

saint_john_paul_ii3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

NGS2 looks better than NG2,just like how ghostbusters looks better on the 360 than on the PS3 get over it. your comments are becoming pointless.

Why dont you go play MGS4, HD version which is only on PS3 and is the best game ever made this gen? oops, i think i just hit a nerve on you....


Toenado3223d ago

anyone who says they look the same is being purposefully blind

TheBlackSmoke3223d ago

- natively runs at 720p (upscales to 1080)
- Higher rezz textures
- uncompressed audio
- camera fixed
- framerate fixed
- bugs and exploits fixed (such as the spawn enemies then run back to the last save point to make them dissapear glitch)
- full game rebalancing (so its challenging like ng1 instead of cheap like ng2)


- Extra SP missions and new bosses
- 3 New characters each with their own SP missions and new cutscenes
- Online co-op campaign mode featuring 30 missions.
- Abilty to record your co-op missions fully and directly upload
- New weapons and costumes not found in ng2.

I cant wait...

ultimolu3223d ago

Oh, so that's why the site crashed....O-o

This game looks freaking awesome. :D

Can't wait!

xTruthx3223d ago

You really need to download the hd to see the diff. Btw any 1 else see trolling in this article ?

militant073223d ago

the camera fix is a lie ,I dont see a diffrence in the camera, do you?

the second thing there is no blood?? what the hell, that what was NG2 all about blood.....

so that whay you want, uncrombressed sound?!

how did you know the framerate fixed?!

morganfell3223d ago

Because plenty of us played it at E3. Those were alpha builds and they ran smooth as glass.

Hoolock3222d ago

The PS3 version looks obviously better and the extra dev time and rebuild have obviously helped the game graphically. Question is was it really needed when the game will play no different and PS3 owners when playing it will hardly tell the difference.

a_cold_soul3222d ago

This is a lame comparison because the game engine NG2 use for the X360 is as old as DOA3 on the Xbox (which was a launch title) with some slight modification to it. While on the other hand the ps3 gets a brand new game engine for NG2 sigma and this is the best they could do? ...LMAO... NG2 sigma should wipe the floor up with NG2 but sadly it doesn't.

Anyway whats up with that purple stuff??????

Major let down......

TheBlackSmoke3222d ago

The Camera fix is to do with how well it follows the action and centres on ryu giving the player the best possible angle. The problem with Ng2 is it lacked those abilitys so you had to fight with the camera the whole time to avoid getting raped offscreen constantly. Your not going to notice the difference by watching a video its something you can only tell by playing it.

The framerate is being fixed as Hayashi (ya know..the guy whos making the game) has stated out of his own mouth. Team ninja are aiming to lock it down to 30 fps and this will partly be achieved by not randomly stacking enemies together to create a slideshow clusterf#@k.

"the second thing there is no blood?? what the hell, that what was NG2 all about blood..... "

Err... you need to see an optician, there is blood in the game (that red stuff on the ground is called blood) however theres no blood squirting from enemies. If you think blood is what ninja gaiden is about then ng2 was obviously your first game, that or your 12 years old. No other Ng game had the excessive gore and yet ninja gaiden/ black/sigma is easily better than 2.

@a cold soul

You have to understand Sigma 2 is still based on Ng2s assets (character models, environment models, textures) but optimized to take advantage of the PS3, Its not gonna look night and day from ng2 but it will still be a more higher resolution crisper game. Maybe wait until DOA5 or Ng3 come out to see the huge difference when they actually create new assets for the sigma engine.

morganfell3222d ago

...excellent comments. However some people are not goping to see the obvious when they are determined not to see it. They have their eyes firmly shut and are chanting loudly in a pitched voice "It's the same! It's the same!"

Montrealien3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Game is looking great! If some of you have not had the chance to play this game yet and only have the PS3, get it, its a great game!

As a side note,if you care about these flamebait pieces, then I am happy to see that this video is feeding the (enthusiast) in you. No mater how civil you make your comments look, you are all still just faceless (enthusiasts) to me if you care about this crap, on both sides.

Obviously the game is tweaked and looks better, and rightly so, the PS3, is a more powerful console, if you deny that, or feel the need to rub it into someones face, this (gamerzone) should not be the place to do it. I mean, how can N4G have a (gamerzone) when the news piece is aimed at people who should be in the open zone?

TheBlackSmoke3222d ago

"some people are not goping to see the obvious when they are determined not to see it. They have their eyes firmly shut and are chanting loudly in a pitched voice "It's the same! It's the same!"

Yeah its like trying to prove the sky is blue to someone who insists its red... anyways hurry up september :D

Montrealien3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

naw, imho its more like trying to explain to people thats its about the games you like on the consoles you have and respecting peoples choices. And that is a much much harder thing to do in a jungle like this place.

Anyways, enjoy the game, its is a great one. June of last year was a great month, we got this and MGS4, I am glad to see that people with only a PS3 will have a chance to enjoy this hacking and slashing gem.

Saigon3222d ago

that is a big difference...

Chimerhazzard3222d ago

I don't really care much about graphics. I mean, graphics are important, sure. And the PS3 DOES look better. But the Xbox 360 version looks great as well, so... we all win. And what really matters is the gameplay anyway.

I am more concerned about the "lack" of blood in the Ps3 version :( I kinda like to see blood squishing everywhere when I cut a guy in half, it reminds me of God of War :D

I hope they add more blood in future versions. But if they don't, no biggie, it looks fine the way it is. I am happy I get to play this game on my Ps3 :)

potenquatro3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

"...and rightly so, the PS3, is a more powerful console,if you deny that, or feel the need to rub it into someones face, this (gamerzone) should not be the place to do it."

So your in this high untouchable elitist cloud in the sky that gives you the right to state a completely ARGUABLE OPINION, and have the "cojones" to say that if we don't agree with you, we don't belong here. How about I come to the "gamer zone" to say a big F\/CK OFF to pretensious people labeling others. Your a preatty level headed guy, but sometimes your dismisive finger pointing, categorizing attitude reminds me of the rich, elitist a$$wholes in high school lol. No anger here, just saying.

"if you deny that, or feel the need to rub it into someones face, this (gamerzone) should not be the place to do it." See how that works both ways.

N4Flamers3222d ago

I played through NG2 and didnt have a problem with the camera, I allso didnt think it was cheap (even with the rocket spam on mentor). I didnt play it on Master but thats where the people started complaining about the games "cheapness."

So 30 FPS is all they could do. I personaly thought this game should be running at 60 I mean realistically it isnt a complicated game there are maybe 20 enemies on screen at once at the most, and thats not even in every area. The stages are usually unpopulated and there arent that many objects you can interact with.

For the record he said the blood in NG2 was the main thing. He is wrong but every one was toting the dismemberment as a major feature. I would rather have them kept the extra blood instead of the purple glow. If you only own a PS3 I would say buy it, but since I allready have it, I wont get this again at full price.

3222d ago
ukilnme3222d ago

@ skip2mylou

Are you still in preschool?

edgeofblade3222d ago

I see "differences", but nothing so drastic as to call it "better". For me, cutting out the excessive blood in a NG game is tantamount to revising classic films so everyone's skin is purple. I'm sure it doesn't make it unplayable, but it's takes away something that was part of what made the game initially unique.

morganfell3222d ago

Anyone that looks at Sigma 2 and says, "I already played it on the 360" is living in a dreamworld. The very reason I didn't get NG2 was I knew it would come to the PS3...and it wouldn't even be the same game. Between the additional playable characters and levels, the co-op/challenge rooms, general fixes, and complete graphics overhaul, it is is an outright joke to say you have already played Sigma 2.

N4Flamers3222d ago

I dont know if your retarded comment was directed towards me, but I am going to treat it as such. The fact remains that NG2 and NG2 Sigma are the same freaking game. Thats why its called NG2 Sigma and not NG3. Its just like how NG and NG Black are the same game. You would know that if it weren't for the fact that you stated that you haven't played NG2.

Personally people like me who have a 360 and ps3 and played NG2 a year ago shouldn't buy sigma for full price. You probably think that all those guitar hero games are the different games. Open your eyes. They're all the same game with minor differences. Why should we pay as much as a full game for it.

morganfell3222d ago

It was directed toward anyone living in fantasy land that wants to call these games the same. If the shoe fits, well, it's embedded in cement. Strap them on and have a nice swim.

I have a 360 (had 5) a 60GB PS3 with a 500GB drive, a Wii, all of that. And I was smart enough not to buy NG2 because I saw the handwriting on the wall that said Sigma 2. The game isn't the same experience. I gamed most of NG2 and in my numerous playthoughs of Sigma 2 at E3 it was a very different experience. Period. Played Sigma 2? No you haven't. Have a nice day pal.

N4Flamers3221d ago

let me get this straight,
you believe that sigma 2 is different than NG, when you havent played ng2. So how would you know. The fantasy youre living in is one where if a game looks different its a different game. Well personally I played NG and NG black and NG sigma and guess what? Theyre the same freaking game. Not smart enough to see that handwriting are you?

One last thing I have eyes, the reason people can compare these two games is because they are the same game. You might want to remove the eyepatch next time you play.

morganfell3221d ago

Ever learn to read? I said I did not buy NG2. I played NG2....I stated that above also but then again there is that thing called reading comprehension again that just hews you to the ground. The same way you ignore what I wrote you also ignore the obvious glaring leap in differences and features for NG2Sigma.

I owned and played NG Black. Not the same experience as Sigma. And having PLAYED (SEE REMARKS ABOVE YOU IGNORED AND THAT IS WHY YOU HAVE EGG ON YOUR FACE) but did NOT BUY NG2, and having gamed Sigma 2 at E3 I know they are not the same game.

Tell yourself whatever you want. You got the inferior version that is so far behind Sigma 2 it isn't the same game. It isn't just graphics upgrades and camera fixes jim, it's over 30 challenge levels and 4 playable characters. Not the same game...not at all and nothing you tell yourself when you pull the covers over your head at night will change that.

N4Flamers3221d ago

I question your intelligence. I all so question the "I played NG and NG 2" validity of your statement. Any idiot with half a brain can tell you that black, sigma, and NG are the same game. It look like the covers and the wool are pulled over your eyes.

Heres an example I bought Final fantasy advent children from an import store, I allso have the bluray copy I got with my PS3. The BR one looks better has interviews and 30 extra minutes, now according to you this is a different movie but at the end of the day after I watched both of them, guess what, its the same movie.

I doubt you played black but (if you did) that means you didnt play NG at all (by your logic), I mean black had new enemies challenge missions a harder difficulty, and new costumes. That makes it a different game than NG. I can tell you right now how the story ends in NGS2 and from what I can see it starts the same as NG2 and plays the same. Ill sleep just fine with that knowledge.

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JOLLY13223d ago

It's kind of weird not seeing the blood though. It still looks good, imo

Raf1k13223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

You're right but the blood thing could simply be because you're used to it. I've not played Ninja Gaiden before so it doesn't bother me at all.

edit: @Hellangelzx. I noticed that too. It may look better once it's released though I doubt there will be any noticeable improvements.

ZombieNinjaPanda3223d ago

May be added in later Jolly.

I think I'm the only one that noticed the PREVIEW BUILD at the top left of the screen.

aaronisbla3223d ago

which is somewhat of a shame, i wanted the game to look as good as it does now but i also wanted the gore and blood to be the same, oh well, should still be awesome and im sure team ninja has their reasons

NewZealander3223d ago

i make one comment and get my bubbles halved??

that is pathetic, because i say what i see biased on a low res video the sony fanboys go on attack, thats sad considering i never said anything against the console, i even own one myself! idiots!

Raf1k13222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

You said they look exactly the same which clearly isn't true (take a look at the armor on his arms and tell me it's exactly the same).

I can sympathise with you in that what you said is not enough of a reason for people to take your bubbles. At the most you should have just got a bunch of disagrees.
So here, have a bubble :)

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Kamikaze1353223d ago

Not a port with some extras, lol.

NewZealander3223d ago

but it looks exactly the same...well i didnt notice any difference except at the start when the camera rotated around the ryu and his armour looked shiner on 360, otherwise they looked identical.

the extra characters and stuff look cool though.

StanLee3223d ago

The PS3 version looks noticeably better with better textures and lighting. That said, the improvements are incremental and after 15 months still doesn't warrant a full price purchase. I say time-exclusives more than 3 months old shouldn't carry a $60 retail price. Maybe $40 but I'm not buying what is essentially a 15 month old game for $60.

raztad3223d ago


Perhaps for you guys because you already played it on the 360, but for most PS3 owners this is a brand new game, very well polished, gorgeous, and with a lot of content and it perfectly deserves a 60$ price tag. The same can NOT be said about ODST, and we know Halo fans will get that DLC made retail like there is no tomorrow.

edgeofblade3222d ago

Like I said, there are a few differences, but nothing drastic. It's nowhere near the jump from NG to NGSigma.

iagainsti1203222d ago

NGS2 uses a new engine so its guaranteed to look better than the NG2 because NG2 uses the Dame engine as DOA4 so the only way to make a good comparison is to have both games side by side running the same engine. this video comparison is like comparing drake's fortune to drake's fortune 2. well that my opinion at lest.