MotorStorm Update 1.2 News

Here is what the new Motorstorm Update 1.2 will include, read the article for a break down.


Apologies for the delay in getting these to you but its time to share the Update notes with everyone to show the new features and fixes coming your way in the next couple of weeks.

As you'll see as you read through, a full reset of all Ranks will also happen when the update becomes available. With the ranks being a little messed up with the Boost exploiters and the rank bug we think it's the best solution.

The update will be free and should arrive by the middle of May and it will be required to play online. Once it's ready the update will be installed when you next select the Online option.

Any questions then please ask away as I'm passing a summary of feedback from the community back to the developer team.


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SimmoUK4129d ago

Great news they've cut down the times it's going to take to get into an online game, it wasn't anything to do with loading it's just the confusion that surrounded which was the best room to go for, spot on good job Evolution...

Firewire4129d ago

Races will be forced to start after a fixed countdown which should dramatically reduce the waiting times in lobbies. Hosts may delay this countdown up to three times.

What the hell is the point if they can delay it three times,
I've gone to other games, because I wait all night to start a race!
Say hello Ridge Racer, goodbye Motorstorm!

God of Gaming4129d ago

Ok I dont have a PS3 so explain to me what the deal is with more detail. Is there not a RANKED area where it basically starts the game when so many are in the room? Ive often wondered how the PSN handles these things. I am very curious.. this is the first time I have heard someone rip on the online portion as far as it being a pain to deal with.

Firewire4129d ago

Well when you enter a lobby for a race, you have to wait for the race to finish (if its still racing) but when the next race is about to start the owners can take their damn time, I have waited sometimes 20 minutes for a race to start!
Its really bad sometimes, these guys have a race like 2 times an hour!
Some owners are good and start races right away!

I just don't see how this is a fix, if the owner can still delay the start up to 3 times! I can't stand waiting for that long, thats why I play only RR7 now for races, they are quick between races! RR7's system is way better!

Karebear4129d ago

Oh good, finally I'll be able to play MS online. I really tried, but the waiting times and not being able to see the status of rooms drove me batty. Wish it could be more like Resistance's online experience. I wish Resistance could be more like SOCOM 2 was :)

Eldon34129d ago

Its about time, Ive been avoiding playing motorstorm online lately for most of the reasons listed above. I have always hated waiting and waiting for a game to start. they really need some kind of matchmaking system.

IPlayGames4129d ago

Or did they do that already to busy playin MLB2K7, RFOM, and oblivion.

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