Sony Confirms EyePet US Release This Holiday


"Sony has confirmed to us at a holiday showcase event in New York City tonight that the PlayStation Eye game, EyePet, will definitely be heading to the US in time for the holidays. Our roving reporter, Andrew Yoon, says that the game will be available standalone as well as bundled with the PlayStation Eye camera.

"Previously, the game was only announced for a European release after it was first revealed at Leipzig GC last year. We're happy to see the adorable simian-dog-thing will be making the jump across the Atlantic and won't be suffering from the chronic case of Q1-2010 flu that's making the rounds."

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GiantEnemyCrab3218d ago

I can't wait!

/grabs a knife and fork and some ketchup!!

thebudgetgamer3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

eye-pet bbq?

but it should be cool for the kids and the kids in some of us.


GiantEnemyCrab3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Well I will have plenty of room to eat a full meal with a giant table sitting in front of me. ;)

Yes, it's just jokes and if I can get the software without the camera since I already have one then I will be buying. My girlfriend has already stated she wanted it and my nephews will love it. I really hope they make it a PSN game for those who already have a camera.

poopsack3218d ago

im sure the ps3 will be able to print out a magic card, which u need to do half the fun things in the game.

PshycoNinja3218d ago

It says in the article that it will come in two versions: Standalone amd Bundled with the Eye.

My question is, does that mean the standalone version will be cheaper?

FamilyGuy3217d ago

What's the price gonna be? I doubt this will be a $60 game so maybe $40 stand alone and $70 with the camera?

Either way, it seems like a good time/reason to get the camera if you didn't before as the PS3 Motion Controller is due out next year, presumably the first half of next year.

I REALLY want to know the cost so that i can compare prices with buying a stand alone PSEye.

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Mo0eY3218d ago

Chalk another game to the PS3's already ginormous 2009 lineup.

Xbox 360? Not so much.

user39158003218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I can see it already, spank-spank-spank & spank-spank the monkey lol...

Poor sony has no idea and are trying to invade wii territory.

Hurry up run for your lives here comes the 360 line up, hurry up and lie, stated the PS3 fartstation 3 community.

Where in the world its the fantard station? Right up your alley, spank-spank-spank & spank-spank-spank the monkey.

MGOelite3218d ago

i cba with this, bring on uncahrted 2

OmarJA3218d ago

Well that's great...

Milo devs could learn a thing or two.

ActionBastard3218d ago

We have NO CLUE how unreal or uber lame Milo may or may not be. C'mon, I'm gonna show you how to focus on the topic little guy.

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