Bots Beware: Joymax Launches MMO 'Clean Campaign'

Joymax, an independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment, Tuesday announced the launch of the "Clean Campaign" in fantasy MMORPG Silkroad Online. Through a brand new internet robot (aka "bot") detecting system, Joymax will identify and restrict all Silkroad Online accounts associated with illegal automatic hunting programs. The campaign is designed to alleviate server congestion and enable players to enter the game with greater ease.

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lociefer3099d ago

lol silkroad bot ban ? haha, hahhaha , HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Lets-Game3098d ago

whats so funny?

I dont get it lol.

Enate3097d ago

You had to be there man, when you've played silkroad for awhile you will get why he is laughing. I played for like 2 and a half years.

RockmanII73098d ago

@below, do you like cupcakes?

SactoGamer3097d ago

I don't follow your xbox comment, but cupcakes are good when I'm in the mood for one.

Tomkar3097d ago

does ppl still play this?