Video game nerd enters FHM's Sexiest Women list at #51

Proving that not all gaming fans have to look and dress like geeks, Morgan Webb, the 29 year old TV presenter of X-Play on the video games devoted G4 channel, has managed to go up from 62nd place last year to 51st this year in "FHM's Sexiest Women in the World 2007".

She is referred to as "The Gaming Goddess" of FHM for which she writes gaming articles and responds to gaming questions from readers on its website. On the site she currently lists Doom, Halo and Super Mario Bros. as some of her top 20 games. As a child, Morgan's parents didn't allow to watch TV so she made up for it by playing video games.

Some pictures of the goddess herself are attached below.

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PS360WII4246d ago

How Jaime Pressly is in the list... But cool for Ms. Webb

Sphinx4246d ago

I would've never guessed she would look that good in a bikini... interesting.

Firewire4246d ago

I don't like her!
And she ain't that hot!
Kristen Holt from Cheat is way better!

XxZxX4246d ago

same here, i think the G4TV nerds have less exposure to hot girls.

Eldon34246d ago

Morgan Webb has that girl next door quality, plus Kristen Holt just seems fake to me.

cuco334246d ago

damn, shes a lil hotty! i think shes corny, her jokes are tasteless, etc. she most likely is reading off the writers' teleprompters. i think the girl on ATOS is way hotter, as well as the british chick.

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The story is too old to be commented.