Japan's PS Store Snags 25 New Games... Where Are Ours?

Granted, the American PS-Store is pretty weak in its selection of original PlayStation titles, the Japanese store has time and again gathered up the greatest games from the old console. In a similar effort, Japanese gamers have a giant update to look forward to -- they're getting a couple dozen of games to play. Most can be played on the PS3 directly, too. All is not well, though. The price of games in Japan has gone from 500 yen to 600. Hopefully this will not echo in America.

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kornbeaner4250d ago

Gotta do somthing to make the units move in japan.

Inasid4250d ago

I wonder when they will be coming over here??

JasonXE4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

With the xbl marketplace, nearly everything comes out to the american market while most of the world is left out or have to wait a lot longer to get content. Though most people set there region to the U.S just to bypass it. I guess since the xbox is an american product that it is easier to concerate to that marketplace. Seems like this is the probable fate for the ps3 with japan towards the worldwide audience.

LSDARBY4250d ago

You lot are moaning about the US Store, have you seen the uk one. weve basically got nothing. Sony need to sort the uk store before the US, we havent had any game demos since launch.

schnodder4250d ago

Hot Shots 5 looks really impressive. like a manga or something. i love my ps3 ;-)

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