More Katamari screens roll in

The screens give a first look at Beautiful Katamari's new cousins in action, as well as the boosted levels of junk you can fling around on screen.

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PhinneousD4224d ago

they could have made it look better, it's on the 360/ps3. fun game though.

Armyless4224d ago

I want dynamic lighting for the next-gen Katamari.

Cartesian3D4224d ago

even PSP can run it at 1080p 60fps...

artman4224d ago

is that beta?? tell me it still in testing... I hope it's not the final release would have the same graphic like that...

InMyOpinion4224d ago

Konami need to shape up. Pro evolution looks last gen as well. Wake up! This is next gen!!!