New Star Ocean could be coming to PS3

Square Enix will be holding its "Star Ocean Special Stage" on the morning of 5/12, where the company will unveil a new game in the Star Ocean franchise. Following a video clip and an introduction to the characters and voice actors, the group that's set to perform the theme song will hold a live performance.

It's possible that this announcement will be for a new DS Star Ocean, On the other hand, the series has made its name on PlayStation hardware, so there's strong hope for a PS3 version.

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IPlayGames4254d ago

This game was good even though i didnt finish it.

JasonXE4254d ago

game was pretty cheesy and i love jrpg. I did not bother to finish it but probably will since I forgot about it. It's been over a year so i might give it another try but all i remember were awkward moments. I think it had to do with the voice acting possibly.

jahcure4254d ago

I played SOTTEOT and that game was freakin awesome. The end is VERY good yet VERY hard. I've not gotten all the battle trophies or mastered that ingredients thing,..heck i haven't even gotten the ultima weapon.

Using air raid and the kick one..can't remember the name. But those deal 9999 damage after a while along with the slashes.

Game is uber long and i look forwared to a 1080p version of it.

_insane_cobra4254d ago

It'll be announced, therefore it could be coming to the PS3. I love that reasoning.

Ludwig4254d ago

Two Words(?) Infinite Undiscovery. lolz

schnodder4254d ago

that would be very nice.

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