Too Human developer wants to hear your feedback

The director of Silicon Knights, the developer of the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive game, Too Human, has talked in his latest blog about some of the new features that his team are implementing.

These include:

A solid 30fps frame rate
Redone character models
Polishing the 18 different weapon classes

Denis Dyack said that the feedback they got on the game in the forums was great, "but we want to hear more!" He said the response to the game over the last week was "universally positive" and that his team were really happy to "see so many people share our excitement for our game".

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Silver Bull3t4252d ago

"We have not started optimizing specifically for frame rate yet, but we will have a game at a solid 30fps when we are finished "

Well I sure as hell hope so. 30 fps is the LEAST acceptable frame rate. 60 would be nice (some people can tell the diff. between 30 and 60, I can). I guess a rock solid 30 is better than a stuttering 60...

Neutral Gamer4252d ago

Yeah, I know what you're saying mate. Halo and Halo 2 were at 30fps if I remember correctly and I had no problems playing them, it was the excellent controls that really made it so playable.

On a console 30fps is fine but on a PC I think you need a higher rate because if you're using the mouse you need that to be able to aim accurately extremely quickly. Hence you're moving the camera around very quickly and a low frame rate would be very noticeable in those situations.

I remember playing Red Faction 2 on the Xbox and it had a very smooth frame rate, but like some other people, I always used to get motion sickness if movement was too "smooth" - it just didn't seem realistic to my brain. I never had the problem when using a PC with mouse and keyboard just with controllers when the motion is unnaturally smooth.

With a console controller it's more imperative you got get the right balance of frame rate and control sensitivity me thinks!

THAMMER14252d ago

Silicon Knights are about to get paid.

id dot entity4251d ago

30FPS is good enough. The movies on the TV are shown in 26 (or something like that) so I don't mind the lack of 60fps. What Silver Bull3t says:

"I guess a rock solid 30 is better than a stuttering 60..."

JasonPC360PS3Wii4251d ago

It's looking better and better every update.