Wiimote Door Unlocker

A video showing 3 different ways to open a door. The first is very simple, the second is advanced, while the third is fantastic: using a Wimote the user simply gives his wrist a flick to unlock the door!

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ITR4246d ago

Wiimote can do about anything now-a-days.

Inasid4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

I would like to have this! Think about it, the times when you come home late from the bar and you can't get your keys out and the times when you have to use the restroom in a hurry. This would be a God send.

Lumbo4246d ago

Yes, especially cause you then do not need to hold any garage sells, as the burglars can now open your door with a $30 remote without leaving traces. Truly a god send way to secure houses.

Do yourself a favor and simply do not lock your door instead. Same effect, lower cost.

Ru4246d ago

SOOOO Silly!
He's walking into a darn Closet!
And did you see all the crap attatched to the door on the opposite side! :)
And who uses there wii Enough at this point to use it as a door Opener!
Im not Bashing, I love the Wii and this just makes me laugh thats ALL!

zantetsuken4246d ago

Some sort of gadget that when I wave my wiimote it b|tch slaps blatant trolls and fanboys through the monitor. Sigh, I fear it's years away :(

dfb19774245d ago

I'd prefer to click my wiimote and a beer appears in my hand