Shivering Isles patch for Xbox 360 coming Monday

Bethesda production director, Ashley Cheng, has said on his blog that a patch will be released on Monday, April 30th to fix the "formID" bug on the Xbox 360 version of the game. The critical bug would appear late in the game and cause items to disappear.

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allexx_24253d ago

I've been wanting to play oblivion for awhile but i was afraid the "form id" bug might mess up my stuff. Good i can now continue to finish more quests, since this game is awesome!!!

Neutral Gamer4253d ago

It is a great game, my favourite of last year. It's great to see Bethesda still care about us console owners. Looks like yet more of us gamers' free time will be spent on this beauty ...

allexx_24253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

Mine too. This is the game that got me back into RPG-style games. Really easy to pick up and play this game. True Neutral Gamer...we will see more of gamers' free time spent in this cool game.