XNA Butterflies with the Wii Remote

Robert Burke has put together a small sample of using the XNA Framework, the Wii Controller and a bunch of Community Projects.

"Here's a flock of butterflies, brought to you in XNA, which can be directed with the Wii controller.

By tilting and rolling the Wiimote, you can navigate the lead butterfly around the virtual environment.

The rest of the flock sticks together, chasing you wherever your accelerometer-fuelled flights of fancy take you.

All the butterflies, including the one controlled by the Wiimote, avoid collisions with each other, as well as with the features of the environment."

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ITR4246d ago

I doubt the Wii can die. Folks keep coming up with different uses for the Wiimotes and etc..
I wonder how much Nintendo makes on just Wiimotes and nunchucks?