Two more Ninja Gaiden Sigma Gameplay Videos

For those of us with no PS3 yet, here is even more footage of NGS courtesy of Gametrailers, enjoy

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DJ4134d ago

Bloody Massacre was awesome!

Rybnik4134d ago

Pretty nuts, huh dude?

ITR4134d ago

Can anyone tell me why the bodies disappear?
What are they? demons of sorts?

Rybnik4134d ago

Could be that its a processing tradeoff, maybe? This may be one of the reasons the game runs in 1080P at 60 FPS, instead of 720P, this is just a guess though, I am no programmer so please, someone correct me if my theory holds no water.

techie4133d ago

It's not a's a ninja gaiden trademark.

Rybnik4133d ago

Thanks Deep! I sadly must admit that I never played the original so I appreciate the clarification.

Jamaicangmr4134d ago

Yeah the after playin Resistance seein enemy bodies vanish is un acceptable. Great demo though just that one thing bugs me.

Rybnik4134d ago

I must say, more and more, I wish I could afford a ps3 now, rather than this fall. Oh well, by then lots of hot titles will be out, with more on the way. I am really glad that the PS3 is beginning to shape up well.

NikV34134d ago

that looks amazing, textures are great, i definitly need to get to my friends house to play that

Karebear4134d ago

The textures on the characters are great. The lighting and shadows are great. There are still several flaws to the graphics that bugged the heck out of me. One is there is no reflection in the shiny floor in the Ninja School. It looks like they used a translucent floor to make it appear shiny and there is no reflection at all in it. However your shadow does some really weird stuff on it heh.

The other is whats up with all the ferns? Even in the "underground" cave area there are green ferns everywhere. That makes no sense at all. A cave with bats does not have green plants all over the walls :)

If you look closer at the ground you'll see why there are ferns everywhere. The ground is a really low res texture in most places. I really hope they fix this before retail.

All in all its great, don't get me wrong, it just needs some polish. Either that or I'm spotting where they had to take shortcuts to achieve their desired framerate.

OH and whats with the spellchecker on n4g not knowing the word Ninja? hehehe

techie4133d ago

Are you sure about the floor...because the cliff walls are incredible, in places they almost look real with the textures they have...I put up some screenshots of the first level...and my g*d they look amazing.

Also ferns in a slightly lit really depends how wet it a dry cave with zero light, no...but where I live ferns and moss in a cave that has light coming in is very common...I think it looks swell :)

Karebear4133d ago

Yeah there's no reflections anywhere on any shiny surface. Its really noticeable in the special mission section when you fight with the blonde woman. Thats a very shiny marble floor, there should be something reflected.

Take a look at the cliff face by the entrance to the Ninja School. I think its especially noticeable there that the underlying texture to the ground is just really low res and odd.

Like I said, this game is great, I'll end up getting it. Just couple of the graphics that bug me. Who am I to argue with Ninja who can knock bats out of the air with throwing stars o.O

LAWMAN4133d ago

The demo isn't even a finished product of the game and I'm already in love with this game. I played it for the first time last night and the framerate was the smoothest I have seen for any game. If you have a PS3 you have to download the demo, the textures, lighting, and smoothness is just amazing. I am really glad this came to the PS3.

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