Australian Game Charts: Nintendo DS takes top spot

The Nintendo re-release of the classic N64 game, Diddy Kong Racing on the DS, has topped the all formats top 10. Most of the remaining positions are taken up evenly with Sony's PS2 and PS3 on 4 games each and the PC/MAC also on 4. Game positions for the platform specific charts are largely unchanged.

Here's the top 10 all formats, charts for the other platforms are in the article:

1. Diddy Kong Racing - DS
2. TMNT - PS2
3. Command & Connquer 3 - PC/MAC
4. Resistance: Fall of Man - PS3
5. World of Warcraft - PC/MAC
6. Motorstorm - PS3
7. WoW: Burning Crusade - PC/MAC
8. Ricky Ponting Cricket 2007 - PS2
9. The Sims 2: Seasons - PC/MAC
10. Animal Crossing Wild World - DS

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Razzy4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

or Wii. They should seperate it down to consoles, handhelds & PC charts. I don't like when they're all lumped together like that and could care less about handhelds.

Kyur4ThePain4251d ago

Only 2 titles made the top 10.
What is interesting is that is seems there are only 3 platforms selling games at the moment.

PS - would someone please ship a copy of Ricky Ponting my way!