The Marketplace Fallout from Guitar Hero II's Expensive Encore

The Xbox Live Marketplace at one time seemed like a paradise where, for microtransactions, gamers could be rewarded for their loyalty with fresh gameplay experiences – but it's fast becoming a consumer nightmare. Gameplayer have taken a look at how the recently released Guitar Hero II downloads have revealed a system spiralling out of control and examines what can be done to revitalize consumer belief in the Marketplace.

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JasonXE4128d ago

i remember this being talked about on atos with major nelson. He'll pretty much state "You see this A button here, it's about one is forcing you to buy it." If consumers continue to buy it then companies will still offer it at this price range. I guess there 9 songs in a single pack which could equate to 9 buxs per song. That is equivalent to 9 buxs for 500 ms points = 6.25. Saving $2.75 difference so it sounds decently fair to me. I could probably hand you the money right now out of my pocket lol.

Firewire4128d ago

Wasn't it just a little while ago, a dev wanted to give out some
new free online maps! But MS wouldn't have it! That went out the window! MS is raping you from behind with a hand in your wallet!
MS doesn't give a crap about you bots! only your coin!

kornbeaner4128d ago

that is just foul.

If you buy, all the packs you would pay more for the game then if you were to buy guitar hero 1 on the PS2.

There should be some sort of discount for bulk buyers.

power of Green 4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

lol... Hope it doesn't get out of control but theres always a type of person/people that complain if given a chance no problems with XBL yet.

Yes some sections are like the Banana Republic vs Good will. I'm waiting to find out what HOME for the PS3 will be like; at least you'll be able to avoid things visually and only then will it make more sense to people not to buy what they don't want.

No one knows how ligit different companies do business with celebrities and their content Copy rights etc. and fee's. Oh well!.

Firewire4127d ago

I think MS is being to greedy!
Sony announced that for "SingStar" they will be doing
the apple itunes thing. I'm not sure about the actual involvment with itunes,
but the price per song was determined to be 99 cents per song!
Thats reasonable but 5 or 6 bucks for three songs , that u can't even mix or match is just pure greed!

Ravenator5294128d ago

And hopefully people will just not buy them.

These packs are a total ripoff! Not to mention, if you have Guitar Hero 1, then do yourself a favor and hook up your PS2 if you want to play the older songs.

These songs should be no more than $1 a piece.

And Major Nelson can feed us all the bullsh1t he wants. I can't stand to listen to his podcast anymore. He never has objective opinions to what Microsoft does. Yes, I understand he works for them. I just can't take listening to a guy defend a company when they are doing something wrong. Yes we have a choice to "buy or not to buy", but that doesn't make it OK for M$ to overcharge for content.

Did he forget that we are paying a monthly fee for XBox "Live"?

If you aren't going to give us dedicated servers for our montly fee's then the least you could do is not "ram it up our @ss" when it comes do marketplace content.

Brian3604128d ago

if we boycott buying these from the marketplace and others alike e.g Horse Armour!!
Then maybe Microsost would see that nobody is buying them or is willing to pay for them.

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The story is too old to be commented.