Two new Halo 3 photos

It seems that two new Halo 3 shots have made their way onto the net. The Screens were apparently made to illustrate the HDR lighting in the game. Check it out.


Screenshots are not new but taken from Halo 2 to demonstrate the HDR lighting that will be used in Halo 3.

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ITR4253d ago

Those look good.
Looks like a 360 game now.

I just hope it plays better then H2.

P4KY B4253d ago

Took the words out of my mouth.
I agree totally.

tplarkin74253d ago

I always knew the alpha/beta screens were not final. This is Microsoft Game Studios. They have every resource available to tap the power of the 360. The game will look amazing.

ChaosKnight4253d ago

It looks fairly good now =D Hopefully it'll play well too... then maybe I'll think of buying the game when it comes out ;)

The BS Police4253d ago

The ligting in those pics are awesome, I can't really put it into words, However, the seawall doesn't look like the seawall from Last Stand, it looks like Halo 2 Zanzibar.

Chances are this is just a photoshop pic of Halo 2.

Keyser4253d ago

I noticed that also. If you also look at the ground that's not the same ground from the Halo 3 trailer.

That bridge in the back ground was covered on the Halo3 Beta and it's open the same way it is on Halo 2 in this picture.

I don't think this is from Halo 3.

OneBubbleBastard4253d ago

Pure CRAP.. HALO gets sh*ttier every year.

By 2010 HALO will be the next bomberman

Bill Gates4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

I gree brother that sh!t looks like....well, sh!t. All I see is shinier graphics..looks like hogwash to me.

**********Everyone who has 3 or less bubbles, lets ALL unite and give each other props to get our bubbles back. We must NOT give up, and let the a-holes of this site silence us just because they don't like our opinions/comments, and think their opinions are superior to ours. After all, our opinions should matter too. So what if some of us have a cense of humor, or so what if some of us are total fanboys of a system. We're all fanboys to one extent, or the other. After all this site wouldn't be as fun as it is, would it now? Admit it, some of you come to this site first when you boot up your PC's, or are totally checking up during your working hours. That alone makes you a fanboy of some sort right? I say let us speak our minds too. We deserve to diss each other once in a while, or calling us out on something. It’s what makes this site so much fun. It’s like a comedy really.

The BS Police4253d ago

But the reason why you have less than three bubbles is becuase your posts are usualy nothing but fanboy rants and doesn't even move the discussion forward, your comments just start flame wars.

nix4253d ago

i come here to get the news and get a dose of comedy everyday. plus i don't have a life.. LOL!

anyway.. atleast you provide a good sense of humour. i appreciate that. q:

and note: this does not mean i am a fanboy or such.

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The story is too old to be commented.